The story of Kitty and her kittens


Ken and have no children of our own, but we've always had cats, and so, they are like our kids (sorry if I'm offending any mothers out there - I have heard that mothers get annoyed when pet owners compare their cats and dogs to people's children).three kittens sleeping on a blanket

In fact, Ken is much more extreme than I am when it comes to being a cat-parent. In fact, he will allow the cats to wake him up at any time, doesn't matter if it's 3 or 4 in the morning - the cats will do something, find surreptitious ways to make noise or give him love bites on his chin or arm. 

And the cats are very devious - they will find ways to wake him up, while trying to look innocent.

At this time, he will get out of bed and pan-fry them a piece of fresh fish, which he does not mind doing at all. 

Anyways, I am digressing.White kitten with blue eyes

What I really wanted to share was just some cute cat pictures and the story of our cat, "Kitty".

Kitty doesn't have a real cat name because we never exactly meant for her to become our cat - she was a stray cat and that's just what we called her by default.

When we first moved into this house, we were often outside gardening and sometimes she would come sit in our yard and just watch us and occasionally meow.Long-haired striped kitten

Things went on this way for a few months and she became friendlier and friendlier. And we also started giving her plates of fresh fish and chicken.

Near the end of 2014, just before we were leaving on a small trip, we noticed that she was pregnant.

Anyway, so we go on our trip (which was about a week) and come back and the next time she visits us, we see that she's no longer pregnant.

So we are thinking that she must have given birth to her kittens somewhere.two kittens sleeping 

About another 2 weeks passes by. 

One morning, I see her at our front door, through the screen, and she is meowing, like she is saying hello. I was thinking that she just wanted some food, so I came out.

At this time, I saw a tiny gray, fuzzy thing in the low bushes to my left. I was thinking it was a rat or large mouse or something.

Turns out, Kitty had brought one of her kittens to our front door and it was rooting around in the bushes. Later on that day, she led us around the side of the house to a vent that opened into our basement, where she had been hiding two more kittens.gray tuxedo cat kitten

So in my mind, I was like, yikes, a mom cat and her three kittens - what am I going to do with them?

She obviously brought them to us because she trusted us and thought we'd be able to help her out. 

I sometimes still wonder to myself how she brought the kittens to us - did she lead all of them through the streets at night? Did she carry them here one by one?

Whatever she did, I think it must have been quite dangerous - but moms have have been known to do dangerous things if it means their kids will have a chance at a better life.

At this time, we already had 4 cats in the house and I knew that taking on an additional 4 was NOT an option.

Anyway, we had a spare room in the back, so we took mom and the three kids in there and put in food, water and litter boxes.playful-kitty-on-couch

We decided that we had to find new cat-parents for all the kittens because we simply couldn't take care of that many cats, so we put up ads on Craigslist and eventually found new owners for them.

(Don't worry, we are well aware of the dangers of giving away animals on Craigslist and were very careful to screen each of the cat-moms before handing the babies over.)

We decided to keep the mom because we thought it would be much harder to get someone to adopt an adult cat - especially a pretty generic-looking tuxedo cat.

But, all's well that ends well - and we totally LOVE Kitty now and she's fat and happy and loves to eat and sit in the sun.playful kitty on couch

I think she's completely forgotten she was even a mom, especially if you judge her by the way she acts - she seems to think she's a big kitten and the most adorable cat in the world.

Below is a video of her sitting in her favorite sunny window.

Sometimes she gets really excited and rolls around a lot because the sun makes her hot. I was only able to capture a little bit of it here, because she was a little distracted by me filming her.

All the pictures above are the pictures I took of her kittens to put up on Craigslist. Hope you enjoy the video! -Norma


  • Posted on by jeanne turner
    I know this was written in 2018 but I just saw it. Thank you for taking the time to write and show us these adorable kittens. If Kitty ever has any more please contact me. They are all so precious. I’m wishing I could have adopted all of them myself.
  • Posted on by linda Colangelo

    Very sweet! I’m a cat lover myself so I get it. Happy Holidays!

  • Posted on by Shari

    I am also a pet parent and cat lover. Thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures with us😊

  • Posted on by Elizabeth

    Adorable! Thank you for sharing. Absolutely love cats. They fill my heart. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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