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Mythical Celtic Horse Necklace - woot & hammy

Mythical Celtic Horse Necklace


  • Materials: 100% Sterling silver
  • Finish: Polished, with antique accents
  • About 1-1/2 inch wide x 1 inch tall (ears to hoof) (39 x 26mm)
  • Chain: 18 inch (45.6cm), with spring ring closer
  • Item number: wh411

Horses hold an honored place in Celtic history, literature and culture.

Thanks to the horse, ancient and medieval Celts became formidable warriors as cavalrymen and charioteers, with many of their battles recorded in Celtic literature and folklore. And in everyday life, horses became an indispensable asset in hunting, farming, and transportation.

Celts loved, valued and took great care of their horses, and they believed that in return their horses took care of them. So there was also an element of spirituality in their love of horses. In fact, horses became associated with many Celtic gods, such as the Goddess Epona, which is the Gaul word for 'mare'.

Because of its Flowing Mane, which reaches down almost to the legs, we believe this necklace specifically pays tribute to the Celtic horse deity Enbarr of Manannan, who could traverse both land and sea.

An elaborate free-form arrangement of cut-out Celtic knots embellishes the horse's powerful body, with inscribed lines also accenting the horse graceful legs and thick tail. The necklace has a well-rounded form which combined with the cut-out knots makes it satisfyingly three-dimensional.

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Love it

Wore it today when I had lunch with a friend and it was the first thing she noticed and she loved it. I love it too and will be wearing it a lot. Thank you for another lovely and unusual piece of jewelry.

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