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Ouroboros Coiled in Vines Necklace - woot & hammy

Ouroboros Coiled in Vines Necklace


  • Material: 100% Sterling silver
  • Finish: Polished, with antiqued accents
  • Pendant length, excluding loop: 1-1/8 inch (29 mm)
  • Chain: 18 inch antiqued rope chain, with spring ring closure
  • Item number: wh419

An ouroboros twists itself into the shape of an infinity symbol, eating its own tail amidst intricate vines that grow from the edges of the pendant, embellishing its interior spaces.

The ends of the vines are coiled tightly, like the fronds of a fern, ready to bloom into lush leaves, hinting at the ouroboros as a symbol of nature's creative forces.

The snake itself is etched with a textured, diamond-grid pattern that is satisfying both to see and feel.

A lovely play of textures between the smoothness of the vines and the striations on the snake make this pendant a lovely piece.

The ouroboros is an ancient symbol that represents the cycle of life, self-sufficiency and rebirth.

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After learning the significance of the symbolism, she was impressed. The appearance and workmanship were top notch.

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