Osiris Pendant, Lead-Free Pewter with Blue Swarovski Crystal

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  • Material: Lead-free pewter, blue Swarkovski crystal, gold plated accents 
  • Overall size: Almost 1 inch wide x 1-1/4 inch tall excluding bail (25 x 32mm)
  • Item number: wh006

One of the most important of ancient Egypt's deities, Osiris has many roles: god of the Afterlife, judge of the dead, god of resurrection, and god of fertility, agriculture, and vegetation.

This pendant depicts him in the traditional way, in classic Egyptian profile with a long pharaoh's beard and wearing the garments of royalty, including the tall white cone-shape crown and scalloped collar. The collar is gold-plated with a geometric design and is decorated with a small clear blue Swarkovski crystal.

Osiris is also posed with his characteristic crook and flail, crossed over his chest. These are symbols of leadership: The shepherd's crook to lead, and the flail to impose authority when needed.

According to Egyptian legend, Osiris's jealous brother killed him and cut him into pieces, then scattered the pieces all over Egypt. His wife Isis took the form of a bird to locate all the pieces, then wrapped them up together and resurrected him.

We wanted to give our customers a way of personalizing their pendants, but many of the pieces in our store are textured on the backside, have an uneven surface, or a design on all sides, making it impossible to engrave them.

Our solution to this problem was to offer engravable charms that you can add onto any necklace. They are small, about 1/2" wide (12 mm) and come with free engraving on the front side (backside engraving is available for an additional charge).

We currently only have these in two shapes (a heart or circle), but will be adding more as time goes on. The charms are also engraved in-house and custom fit with findings to match your pendant.

You can choose engravable charm options right on the product page of any pendant. Below are a few photographs of charms we've made for customers in the past, along with their pendants. I've also included a photo of a cute necklace we made for a customer with many of our themed charms.

i am the beauty of the green earth moon pentacle with engravable charm

feather pendant with engravable charm



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