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Blooming Lotus Necklace in Sterling Silver

Blooming Lotus Necklace in Sterling Silver


Lush petals bloom in perfect symmetry in this graceful lotus flower pendant.

With smaller petals opening into larger petals, one can almost imagine this flower blooming as it sits on the surface of a mirrored pond.

A single crystal on the right-most petal adds a touch of interest, while the opposing petal has a smooth, gleaming finish.

When we take a closer look at objects in nature that appear to be perfectly symmetrical, we notice that they have tiny variances. 

It is this imperfection within perfection that gives natural objects their beauty.

  • Material: Solid sterling silver and cubic zirconia crystals
  • Finish: Polished, with a pure silver and anti-tarnish plating
  • Pendant Height (excluding loop): 1/2 inch (39mm)
  • Chain: 18 inches, with spring ring closure

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