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Lovable Angel Necklace with Lab Opal Accent - woot & hammy

Lovable Angel Necklace with Lab Opal Accent


  • Material: 100% Sterling silver, with lab-created opal
  • Silver finish: Polished
  • Slightly more than 5/8 inch tall (16mm)
  • Almost 3/4 inch wide (18mm)
  • Chain: 18 inches (45m) with spring ring closer
  • Item number: wh71

Historically, angels depicted in paintings and other artwork were usually very serious: Beautiful, divine, heavenly, and awe-inspiring but almost always serious.

But as people's understanding of angels has developed over the years, angels have also come to be seen as sometimes cute and lovable, like this one. It's a welcome change, because sometimes what we need most is 'cute and lovable.'

This angel has some endearing features, one of which is a big round open face. A lock of hair falls across her forehead,.making us think this might be a cherub or other child angel, while a halo hovers above. The angel has her scalloped wings outward, as if ascending, and as a decorative touch, her gown is accented with an iridescent field of light opal suggesting the ethereal quality usually attributed to angels.

The hanger has been considerately located behind the pendant so as not to interfere with the angel's form.

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