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Rose Line Drawing Dangle Earrings - woot & hammy

Rose Line Drawing Dangle Earrings


  • Material: 100% Sterling silver
  • Finish: Polished
  • Plating: Pure silver (for added brightness)
  • More than 1/2 inch in diameter (14 mm)
  • Earring type: Hook
  • Item number: wh300

Something subtle and interesting happens when you take an everyday rose and trace its outline and individual petals with a single line; it's still a rose, but it also becomes more abstract and decorative.

The intricate pattern of the arcs of petals radiating from the center become more pronounced and dramatic, and would almost have a geometric look if it weren't for their naturalistic arrangement.

It's also fun to think of these earrings as the lead in stained glass roses but without the glass – that would be you.

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