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Small But Dramatic Horse Head Earrings - woot & hammy

Small But Dramatic Horse Head Earrings


Look closely at these little earrings and you'll see a striking design.

Black antiquing is used to good effect here, giving the mane a dramatic striping that has an ornamental effect.

Also the eyes are unusual: The whites, which hardly ever show in a real horse, have been over-sized and blackened, while the pupils which are usually dark have been left silver to stand out vividly against the black.

Another nice touch is the way the bottom edge has been shaped curved and flared rather than simply cut straight, like a chess piece.

  • Earring type: Post, Push-Back
  • Material: Solid sterling silver 
  • Plating: Pure silver and anti-tarnish, with antiqued finish
  • Approximately 3/8 inch wide x 3/8 high (10 x 10mm)
  • Item number: wh260

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