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Flying Moth Necklace


Are you a person who lives your life by following your inner feelings and intuition?
As a nocturnal creature that performs all of its life-sustaining activities in the darkness, the moth is a symbol of one who lives her life by following her own innate knowledge or 'sixth sense'.

The moth is also a symbol of determination and faith, as she seeks to find light in the dark of night.

This pendant has been beautifully sculpted to capture the flight and movement of the moth's wings in the darkness.

Wings have a soft, satin finish to resemble the light, fluttering wings of the moth.

Wear this lovely pendant as a reminder to trust in your feelings and intuition.

Also makes a wonderful gift for a lover of nature or moths and butterflies.

Carved by hand, cast in solid sterling silver and polished by hand.

  • Material: Solid sterling silver
  • Finish: Satin (a soft finish with a subtle sheen)
  • Pendant height, excluding loop: 1 inch (25mm)
  • Chain: 18 inch, with spring ring closure

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