Lunar Landscape Full Moon Pendant

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  • Material: 100% Sterling silver
  • More than 3/4 inch diameter (20mm)
  • Item number: wh368

The lunar landscape is a worthy subject for jewelry: It's filled with millions of features that together create an intricate pattern as decorative and beautiful in its own way as flowers or trees.

Some of the features highlighted in this striking necklace include 'rilles', which are long, narrow 'canals' carved out by molten lava; and craters, which were mostly formed by impacts with meteors, asteroids and comets. There are also dark 'seas' of cooled lava and lighter mountainous highlands.

The pendant has a slight dome shape to mimic the moon's curvature, and the opposite side is a polished concave 'mirror' that creates interesting reflections.

The contrast of the sterling silver with a dark antiquing effect emphasize the features and adds drama to the necklace.

p.s. One interesting fact about the moon: Unlike our Earth, the moon has no atmosphere, so meteors and such don't burn up before striking its surface. And because there's no wind or precipitation to erode the craters, they'll remain unchanged – forever or until the next impact occurs.

We wanted to give our customers a way of personalizing their pendants, but many of the pieces in our store are textured on the backside, have an uneven surface, or a design on all sides, making it impossible to engrave them.

Our solution to this problem was to offer engravable charms that you can add onto any necklace. They are small, about 1/2" wide (12 mm) and come with free engraving on the front side (backside engraving is available for an additional charge).

We currently only have these in two shapes (a heart or circle), but will be adding more as time goes on. The charms are also engraved in-house and custom fit with findings to match your pendant.

You can choose engravable charm options right on the product page of any pendant. Below are a few photographs of charms we've made for customers in the past, along with their pendants.

i am the beauty of the green earth moon pentacle with engravable charm

feather pendant with engravable charm





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