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Mythical Green Man Medallion Necklace With Knot Border - woot & hammy

Mythical Green Man Medallion Necklace With Knot Border


The Green Man was born of a time when people worshipped nature. They deeply respected its forces and believed that the natural world was inhabited by spirits and gods.

For example, trees were often seen  as deities and worshipped for the shade and shelter they provided and the fruit they bore.

The Green Man, with his face seeming to grow from a cluster of leaves and sometimes sprouting shoots and branches, came to symbolize rebirth and the endless cycle of growth that occurred each spring.

This Green Man is cut out of his medallion, emphasizing the cluster of leaves from which he grows and visually separating him from his very geometric, contrasting,  knotted border. He's given a very three-dimensional dome shape that makes him come alive and stand out from the medallion's flattened plane.

Subtle antiquing brings out the textures and details and gives the pendant an aged look.

  • Material: Solid sterling silver
  • Finish: Polished, with antique accents
  • More than 1 inch diameter (27mm)
  • Depth of dome is almost 3/16 inch (4mm) at its deepest
  • Chain: 18 inch (45.6cm)
  • Item number: wh168

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