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Large Seahorse Earrings With Fresh Water Pearls - woot & hammy

Large Seahorse Earrings With Fresh Water Pearls


These earrings definitely pick up on a traditional Chinese belief that seahorses were a type of sea dragon and so a symbol of good luck.

The life-like series of bony rings along the length of the serpentine body creates a spiny armor of pronounced texture and dramatic detail. The long thin snout and wing-like fins are also very reminiscent of a dragon, as is the impressive size of each earring.

A fresh water pearl for good luck is nestled in the the curl of the tail and introduces a smoothness that enhances the sparkle of the shiny spines.

All around, these are very dramatic and exotic-looking earrings.

  • Material: Solid sterling silver, with fresh water pearl
  • Pearl setting type: Bond
  • Finish: Polished, with pure silver and anti-tarnish plating
  • 1 inch tall x more than 1/2 inch wide (25 x 14mm)
  • Pearl: More than 1/4 inch diameter (7mm)
  • Earring type: Hook
  • Item number: wh346

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