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Ouroboros Snake Circle Necklace - woot & hammy

Ouroboros Snake Circle Necklace

$32.99 $41.99

  • Material: 100% Sterling silver
  • Finish: Polished, with antique accents
  • About 7/8 inch diameter (22mm)
  • Chain: 18 inch (45.6cm) with spring ring closer
  • Item number: wh414

When the ouroboros was first used to decorate a golden sarcophagus in the tomb of King Tut (Tutankhamen) in Egypt more than 3,300 years ago, it looked much like this necklace: A snake coiled into a simple circle and eating its own tail.

Based on their observations of nature, the ancient Egyptians believed that time was cyclical and repetitive, because they saw the sun rise and disappear into a void every day, and watched as the Nile flooded their land every year. Their snake symbol therefore reflected their thoughts and beliefs about infinity, nature's endless dying and re-creation, and of course life and death.

This necklace is true to the original symbol, relying on the simple geometry of a circle, the stylized scales of the snake's skin, and the large diamond-shaped head swallowing the slender tip of the tail.

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