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Slithering Snake With Forked Tongue Adjustable Ring | woot & hammy thoughtful jewelry

Snake with Forked Tongue Wrap Ring, Adjustable


  • Material: 100% Sterling silver
  • Finish: Polished
  • Plating: Pure silver (for added brightness)
  • At its widest point the ring is more than 1/2 inch wide (14mm)
  • The band is about 1/8 inch wide (3mm)
  • Size: Adjustable, from sizes 6-9
  • Item number: wh364

Only about 25% of all snakes are venomous, and contrary to popular myth, it's impossible to tell from the shape of their heads which ones are. And like most other animals in the wild, most snakes would prefer to be left alone by humans.

It's just that when it comes to snakes, most people seem to have an innate fear of them. Maybe that's why the source of evil in the Garden of Eden was a serpent.

But there are good snakes as well. Consider that the Hopi Indians in North American used snakes as part of their rituals to ask their gods for fertile lands and good crops. And Africa, Mesopotamia and Iran all had cultures at some point that worshiped the benevolent powers of the snake.

A snake like this is the perfect shape for a ring. It wraps around your finger then forms a unique centerpiece where its head and curving tail come together.

This design also takes advantage of the snake's natural features to make it decorative all the way around your finger: The body curves slightly as it encircles your finger and the pattern of its skin becomes a fancy, highly textured surface.

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