Spiral Goddess Holding Pentacle Pendant

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  • Material: 100% Sterling silver
  • More than 1-1/4 inch tall, excluding hanger (37 mm)
  • Item number: wh357

This amulet featuring a spiral goddess holding a pentacle aloft has an earthy, primitive quality and is full of meaning.

The spiral is a symbol of growth. The spiral is an ever-expanding circular pathway that "revisits" the same places over and over again, but not in quite the same way as the previous times. It is the idea of how growing makes you see the same people, places, or things in a new light. Among the striking features of this pendant, the spiral is the one design element that is blackened, to signify its importance.

The goddess figure is a representation of the Divine Feminine, the part of each of us, whether we are male or female, that is nurturing, intuitive, creative, empathetic, and believes in community.

The goddess' arms are raised above her head to form a circle, which is a symbol of eternity, and they in turn are supporting a pentacle, which is a pentagram within a circle.

The pentagram is symbolic of the number 5, which is a sacred number that occurs often in nature, such as 5 petals of certain flowers, the 5 fingers and toes on each of our hands and feet, our 5 senses, or the 5 arms of a starfish. Another noteworthy feature of this pendant is that the pentacle is done as a cut-out.

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