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Tiny Bible Locket Necklace with Cross - woot & hammy

Tiny Bible Locket Necklace with Cross


A book, with its front and back covers that open and close, just naturally makes for a perfect locket. And it also makes perfect sense for the book to be the Bible – one of the oldest, most cherished and influential writings in human history.

The cover of this locket is handsomely inscribed with a simple cross and modest decorative border. The same cross carries through to the inside, appearing on the left side of the inner compartment.

The inner compartment can hold a small treasure such as a folded strip of paper printed with a few words of inspiration such as an excerpt from a favorite psalm.

  • Material: Solid sterling silver
  • Outside finish: Polished 
  • Inside: Unfinished / matte
  • Outside: Almost 1/2 inch tall excluding hanger x 3/8 inch wide (11 x 9mm)
  • More than 1/8 inch thick (4mm)
  • Inside: About 5/16 inch tall x 1/4 inch wide x almost 1/8 inch deep (8 x 6 x 3mm)
  • Chain: 18 inch (45.6cm) with spring ring closer
  • Item number: wh454

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