Small Mixed Stone Orgone Orgonite Pyramid
Material: Mixed stones, crystal chips & metal shavings in clear resin Based on Wilhelm Reich's research into orgone energy Dimensions: 1-1/4 x 1-1/4 x 1 inches Item: whmsc101
Orgonite Pyramid With Golden Lotus & Pale Moon
Materials: Clear epoxy resin, minerals, crystals, metal shavings Base: About 2-1/4 inch square (5.9cm) Height: About 2-1/2 inches tall (6.7cm) Item number: whmsc193 A pale pinkish-white gemstone sphere is nestled in the leaves of a golden lotus that seems to...
Small Multi-colored Layered Pyramid, Natural Stone
Material: Various natural stones Base: About 1 inch square (27mm)* Height: About 1 inch tall (27mm)* From India Item number: whmsc192 *Actual size may vary slightly. A small pyramid, smooth and polished, made of six layers of natural stone each...
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