Curb vs. Rope vs. Cable - A Visual Guide to our Main Chains

I know choosing a chain for your pendant can be confusing, so I've put together a quick visual guide of our main chain options. These are the chain options you'll find when you are choosing a chain directly from the pendant listing page. I've also included a more detailed description of each chain below.

curb vs. rope vs. cable chains


Antiqued Rope Chain: This chain has a rope-like appearance and is round in cross-section. It is unplated, but has darkened accents that make it a good match for pendants with an antiqued or oxidized finish. It is about 1.2 mm wide and works well for medium-sized pendants.

1.8 mm Curb Chain: This is a wider, heavier chain made of round links that are slightly twisted, allowing them to sit more closely together. The close spacing of the links gives the chain a heavier, sturdier look and feel, making it a good match for larger pendants. The links are also cut flat and polished on both sides such that the chain is also shiny on two sides.

1.6 mm Simple Cable Chain: This medium-width chain is made of plain oval links. It has a simple and classic look that makes it versatile enough to be a good match for nearly any pendant. The chain links are not as dense as the curb chain, making it a more affordable option. We also carry this chain in a thinner 1.3 mm length that works well for smaller pendants. You can purchase the Simple Cable Chain in lengths up to 36 inches, but if you need it even longer, just ask us and we can create a custom length for you.

2.3 mm Simple Cable Chain: This is the same as the 1.6 mm chain, except it has larger and thicker links that make it a good match for larger pendants.

Do you have any other questions about chains? Feel free to send me a message.

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