The goddess Isis' fame and importance in Egyptian culture is rooted in an ancient myth, at a time when her husband Osiris was king of Egypt:

Osiris' jealous brother Seth wished to usurp the kingship for himself, so he killed Osiris and hacked the body to pieces, scattering them throughout Egypt.

Faithful Isis transformed herself into a bird and flew all over Egypt until she recovered almost all of the pieces, except for his male organ, then magically resurrected him. Nine months later - just as magically - she produced a son, Horus, to be heir to the throne. She protected Horus from Seth until he was old enough to assume the kingship.

This myth earned Isis the reputation of being a great magician of astounding powers, always using them to protect and benefit ordinary people and healing the sick. Isis also presided over funeral rites, escorting the deceased safely into the Afterlife and then protecting them there.

One of the most important and powerful deities of ancient Egypt, Isis is still revered by many today.

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