The pentagram is a complex symbol, and although it's often misunderstood, it has for most of history been used in a positive and well-meaning way to represent knowledge, goodness, the sacred number 5, and the triumph of the spirit.

The number 5 is a mystical number that is found in both humans and nature alike. The symmetry of the pentagram can be seen in starfish, flowers, the human hand, the five senses, and many other living things.

It is also a symbol much identified with Wiccans, who follow an earth-centered spirituality. For Wiccans, it symbolizes thefour elements of our world - earth, air, fire, and water - plus spirit. A circle placed around the star, which is then known as a pentacle, adds further meaning: Infinity, the endless cycles of life and a connection with all five elements.

When you wear the pentagram, it means you feel a connection with the elements and respect the earth and our natural world.

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