Imagine if everything that could possibly be known about the past, present, and future already exists somewhere out there in the cosmos, timelessly - if you only knew how to access it? SCRYING is an ancient method of divination believed by some to open windows into the cosmos to reveal such knowledge.

An experienced scryer will gaze into a reflective surface such as a crystal ball or a bowl of water. The reflections the scryer sees there will stimulate psychically-induced images and symbols which allow the scryer to transcend the conscious mind and see with an inner psychic eye. In such an altered state of consciousness, the scryer will interpret the meaning of the images and symbols, and translate it into words that can be understood by all.

When the scryer is sufficiently talented, experienced, and intuitive, scrying can not only reveal details and events from the past, present and future, it may also provide guidance and inspiration, or reveal messages from the beyond.

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