Just as a tree has roots that extend deep into the soil of Mother Earth and branches that reach upward to receive the energy of Father Sun, each of us is profound-ly connected to the world around us; We need it to thrive physically and spiritually.

A tree's branches represent years and years of natural growth, just as generation upon generation of children make up the long history of a family. Each branch is peculiar and special, growing in its own unique way, yet it is all these branches together that make up the crown of the tree. And like a family, each individual branch leads you back to the trunk from which they all came.

In Autumn, trees lose their leaves and seem to enter into a death-like state. But come spring, the tree is reborn, sprouting tiny buds and bursting forth with new blooms and vibrant green leaves. In this way, the Tree of Life inspires us with hope, reminding us that in life there is always a chance for a new beginning.

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