Pan is the pleasure-seeking god of Greek myth. With his horns, woolly beard, furry haunches, and pointy ears he is as much goat as man, and impossible to mistake.

His two main loves are music – he's often depicted playing his 'pan flute' - and sex. He roams the rugged mountainsides, meadows and forests, watching over his flocks and playing his pipes. But his lust is insatiable and he is forever on the lookout for maidens and wood nymphs to ravish.

Unfortunately, Pan's pleasure can also turn nasty in an instant when his sexual advances are spurned - which is most often the case, due to his appearance. Tales tell of at least three nymphs who paid the price for their aloofness: Pitys was turned into a pine tree, Syrinx was transformed into a patch of reeds from which Pan fashioned his pipes, and Ekho was reduced to being a mere voice fated to repeat Pan's mountain cries. And Pan's cries were so powerful he could use them to incite 'panic' in enemies and unwanted trespassers.

Still, Pan's lust and love of music have made him the embodiment of Spring and Fertility.

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