Wolves are the dogs who would not be tamed. But although they are wild and free, they are not the evil creatures that folklore and fairy tales have made them out to be. Rather, wolves by nature are gentle and shy creatures with many admirable qualities: Intelligence, playfulness, loyalty, a strong sense of family, curiosity and sociability.

Historically, wolves have been justly revered for their goodness, almost as much as they have been maligned as agents of evil and savagery. In Celtic mythology for example, the wolf was well-respected as the loyal companion of Cerridwen, goddess of the moon and fertility.

And in ancient Celt culture, the wolf was honored with its own month - Faoilleach - the 'month of the wolf'. True, this was the season associated with death, but death for the ancients was not just an ending; it was also a time for rebirth. And while people did mourn the loss of their loved ones, their sadness was mixed with joy and celebration, because death meant their spirits had been freed and gone to a better place. 

Today, the wolf has again become a powerful spirit animal to many who seek guidance and protection. With its instinct, cunning and confidence, the wolf can lead you through the dark unknown forests you find yourself in as you venture along your path through life.


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