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The Morrigan, Celtic War Goddess Pendant, Lead-Free Pewter
Materials: Lead-free pewter More than 1-1/8 inch tall x almost 3/4 inch wide (30 x 13mm) Item number: wh045 Please note: This item cannot be shipped to the State of California. The Morrigan, the “phantom queen” of Irish mythology, is a...
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Triple Moon Goddess Pendant with Lab Opal and Crescents
Material: 100% Sterling silver, with lab opal Weight: 2.4 grams Size: More than 5/8 inch wide x 5/8 inch tall excluding bail (17 x 16 mm) The lab opal cabochon is 1/8 inch in diameter (3mm) Item number: wh157 A...
90,00 zł
Neopagan Fertility Goddess Drop Earrings
Materials: 100% sterling silver Weight: 2.4 grams Size: About 1/4 inch wide at the arms x more than 3/4 inch tall excluding hook (7 x 21 mm) Item number: wh283 The goddess figure is a representation of the Divine Feminine,...
58,00 zł
Flute-Playing Pastoral God Pan Charm
Material: 100% sterling silver Weight: 2.1 grams Size: About 3/8 inch wide x 3/4 inch tall excluding bail x about 1/8 inch deep (10 x 20 x 4mm) Item number: wh386 This lively charm captures the pastoral god Pan in...
45,00 zł
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