Tiny Hummingbird Pendant in Sterling Silver
Material: 100% Sterling silver Weight: 2.7 grams Size: 3/4" wide x 5/8" tall, excluding pendant bail (20 x 16 mm) Item number: wh061 The dainty hummingbird symbolizes happiness and the enjoyment of life. Whisk away those negative thoughts with this...
137,00 zł
Hummingbird Drinking Nectar Pendant
Material: 100% Sterling silver Weight: 1.1 grams Approximately 3/4 inch from tip of beak to end of tail feathers (19mm) Item number: wh185 The hummingbird is a beautiful and unique creature that has been a spirit animal or totem to many...
41,00 zł
Curly-Tailed Hummingbird Pendant
Materials: 100% Sterling silver Weight: 3.0 grams Height, excluding pendant loop: About 1 inch (25 mm) Item number: wh631 This whimsical pendant features a lively cutout hummingbird with a stylized, curly tail and wings animated with sweeping lines that make it seem...
70,00 zł
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