Want to know more about us? We've served thousands of customers who have left us hundreds of nice reviews - here are some of our favorites (we've included only their initials to respect their privacy): 

"This is a gorgeous pendant. It glistens in the light and carries a lovely weight to it. It reminds you that it's there, without hurting your neck. It radiates with magic, and while I have seen this mold in other places, none have captured the quality and presence that this piece carries. It is perfect in every way, and stamped with "925" on the back to prove its value. I had expected this piece to take longer to arrive. Much to my surprise and joy, the seller got it to me in only a few days. It arrived in a lovely box and velvet bag. The love and care this seller has for their items is seen and felt in each piece. If you feel drawn to acquire this piece, do not hesitate. It was meant for the ones who resonate with it. Many blessings of love to you, may you be ever guided toward your highest good. Thank you! 🙏" -G.M., 6/8/24 (this review comes from our shop on Etsy)

"Hello and good blessings to you!! I just wanted to give you a quick review, I recently bought a small pentacle from you, cubic zirconia pentacle,  let me tell you your pics just doesn't do it enough justice! It's georgious and just the perfect size, the sparkle in the sun is just awesome!! I have been looking for this kind of pentacle pendant for quite awhile now and finally,  you showed up in my search results. The packaging was great, loved the sticker!! Even info on the pentacle! THANK YOU SO MUCH,  and yes I will be ordering from you again!🧡🦋" -M.S., 4/14/24

"You always wonder with personalized products.. this was beyond what I expected just outstanding" -Z.A., 3/21/24 (this review comes from our shop on Etsy)

"Beautiful as always. I truly enjoy each and every item I order from woot and hammy. They always exceed my expectations and arrives in such a timely fashion. Thank you again." -P.O., 3/9/24

"I had been looking for a Scottish thistle pendant for a long time. I have seen them on two Scottish companies and an English one. I emailed all of them to ask questions. I never got a reply from any of them. Your Company has been a complete pleasure to deal with. Prompt delivery of a high quality product and your reply to my emails was great." -W.H., 2/19/24

"Wow. What can I say. Arrived early. Packaged perfect. Love the idea about the way you can clean this pendant. The pendant is made extremely well. Just as it was describe. Love it. Thank you." -C.M., 1/30/24

"Beautiful quality charm, exactly as described and very impressive shipping time. It was not supposed to arrive until after Christmas and it arrived two days early. Very happy customer! Thank you so much!" -S.W., 1/4/24

"I bought several beautiful items from this shop in the and with this order. I ordered amythest pendulum for my daughter In law fir Christmas. It is so beautiful and I know that she will absolutely love it. I always come back to the woot and hammy shop anytime I'm looking for unique items for myself or to give as gifts. They are amazing people and if you have a special request just send a note with your order and they absolutely will do there best to make sure you get what you want and need. Just simply the sweetest people ever!" -B.N., 12/26/23

"In all my buying..this has to be the BEST seller...Very, very pleased with all that happened with this sale..From beginning to end.. merchandise is quality also..good person here..Thank you.." -A.G., 12/20/23 (this review comes from our shop on Ebay)

"Truly beautiful piece. I wear it every day, with joy. Will absolutely purchase more pieces in the future! Blessed be." -C.D., 11/19/23

"The bells arrived quickly. Extremely happy with the variety I received, they sound sublime! Norma was very helpful adjusting my order, thanks so much again!" -E.D., 11/6/23 

"Oh gosh this piece is lovely!!! It’s the second and definitely not the last piece I’ll purchase from this shop! Beautiful quality, fast shipping, and some sweet little details that come with the pieces! Bravo!" -B.L., 10/21/23 (this review comes from our shop on Etsy)

"Magnifique médaillon fabriquer tout en finesse, je l'aime beaucoup, Livraison sérieux et rapide en toute sécurité cordialement." ("Magnificent medallion made with finesse, I like it very much, Serious and fast delivery in complete safety. Kind regards.") -A.S. 10/5/23

"Norma & Ken, I have nothing but positive words for both your products and service. The product is exactly what I saw and expected. Nothing more / nothing less. Your service is explementary." -D.A., 9/29/23

"i love the angel wings they are really nice in fact all of the pieces were. And the service you gave has been nothing but exceptional.  i base lots of things on the service provided, and because of your great service, i am looking at another order so thank you for your kindness and beautiful work. I would have done review but didn't know how." -V.M., 9/21/23

"It took me awhile to find a pentacle piece that spoke to me enough to become my dedicated talisman, but I finally found it in this breathtaking pendant. The unique handcrafted design done in sterling silver and the option for a personal inscription really make this piece special. It is large and has a great weight to it. I selected a longer chain so that I can wear it next to my skin and under my clothes without worrying it will slip out in front of sensitive Christian company at work!" -A.C., 8/18/23 (this review comes from our shop on Etsy)

"Amazing communication and super helpful! My pendant is even more beautiful in real life than in pictures! It was shipped with exceptional care and love! Fast shipping and outstanding customer service! I will definitely be buying from Norma again xoxo Thank you soooooo much! I am already wearing my pendant!" -J.A., 7/16/23 (this review comes from our shop on eBay)

"I was amazed I just ordered everything 3 days ago and I’ve already received it and so beautifully and lovingly packaged and wrapped in the most beautiful packaging. I will be back, this now my go to place and everyone’s so nice. I can’t wait to show my friends and tell them." -T.V.P., 5/11/23 

"An absolutely beautiful handcrafted pendant! Gemstone was lovely, and the delicate wire wrapping is elegant. Excellent customer service, questions were answered very quickly. Shipping is unbelievably fast. And as always, the product was beautifully packaged. Thank you!" -S.S., 4/24/23

"The way they packed the pendant was beautiful, it got home on time, the size is perfect and the pendant it self is so beautiful!! I only wish they can make another version, same pendant but with out the moons, just the witch knot itself but other than that thank you so much! I loved it!" -J.L., 4/14/23 (this review comes from our shop on Amazon)

"A stunning piece. I had my eye on this necklace for months- I even put it into my cart a couple of times, only to change my mind at the last minute. I am SO GLAD I took a chance on it finally! It is well-crafted, solid, and unique. I've looked all over the internet, but I have not found a piece quite like this one. It is subtle enough to wear in mundane life, and symbolic enough for ritual wear. I'm very satisfied with my purchase, and also with this shop. This is not my first purchase from here, and it certainly won't be the last. Excellent craftsmanship, incredible/wide selections, and interesting designs. -A.R., 3/14/23

"I am delighted with the hanging Ankh with Bells. The brass is solid, good quality and the beads and Bells are a subtle nice touch. It is exactly as shown. The packing and customer service is GREAT!! It really has been such a pleasure to deal with such nice business owners - who care about who and how they do business. I will shop here again, and I will recommend it." -J.W., 3/6/23

"5 Stars!! Wow!! What a beautiful silver ganesh pendant. This pendant is definitely my new Favorite silver piece. The quality and the finish on this is amazing!! My item arrived well packed and in pristine condition. The shipping was incredibly super fast. And let's not forget the price. The prices are very good for authentic 925 silver jewelry." -D.M., 2/10/23 (this review comes from our shop on Ebay)

"This pentagram couldn't be more perfect if I was to make it myself.... but I don't work in silver, so alas I will just buy one from someone that is phenomenal. It arrived quickly, is impeccable, and tiny (as was expected). The size, did not cause issues with the sharp corners. They are perfect. Every single one. My OCD is thanking you, from the bottom of my heart. I am gifting this, and it will be loved and cherished for many days." - J.C., 1/30/23 (this review comes from our shop on Etsy)

"Rave review. I love the personal touch given to me by woot & hammy. Very responsive and helpful when I was worried about a TO on my address. I was also pleased with the cute seahorse charms I purchased and the quick delivery. I plan to use them in the future." -K.S., 1/26/23

"This necklace is even more beautiful in person! I am a devotee of Hestia and was looking for something subtle and elegant to wear on the daily and this is exactly what I was looking for. My order got here super fast and the packaging was clearly done with a lot of care and love. Would buy again from this shop in a heartbeat!" -L.T., 1/9/23 (this review comes from our shop on Etsy)

"Beautiful piece, it was a Christmas gift. My daughter loved it 🥰 Every piece of Jewelry I have purchased from this company is high quality artwork from necklaces to toe rings. It’s my go to two Christmas 🎄 in a row!!!!!!" -D.A., 1/2/23

"BEST customer service I have ever received. I had a problem with my chain, it broke and I told them about it, they were very apologetic and made me another one and got it to me so fast. I would definitely break bread with this company again and recommend them to everyone I know. Thanks Woot and Hammy for a great experience." -M.M., 11/10/22

"I am in love with my new pendant! It came 2 days early and just so happened to be my birthday, shipping received 5 stars! The pendant itself is beautifully made and was packaged very carefully. Overall, 10/10 would recommend!!!" -B.R., 10/13/22 (this review comes from our shop on Etsy)

"Loved it. It was sent with such a special touch and presentation... the packaging was beautiful and the card that went with it...I have the same necklace and sent it to my special friend who turned 50...her mother has one as well, so now we're part of the same tribe!!!! I wear mine all the time...I will definitely purchase from you again...." -C.D., 10/7/22

"I fell in love with this pendant the moment I saw it, and being able to have it engraved made it all that more special. It arrived yesterday, and I am so very pleased! It is more beautiful in person. Wonderful weight. Lovely detail. The engraving is perfect. This is one of those pieces to be treasured for a lifetime; a legacy piece." -J.D., 9/16/22 (this review comes from our shop on Etsy)

"I spent some time debating whether or not to purchase this necklace, given that I could only view it online. I am so glad I did. It is so beautiful! It is also designed with a couple of unique and interesting details. I highly recommend this shop; the quality is outstanding, and the care they take with items and with customers is amazing." -A.R., 9/6/22

"This is more than a pendant it is a work of art. It is both durable and beautiful." -K.D., 9/1/22 (this review comes from our shop on Etsy)

"I love my build a charm bracelet I bought from Norma and Ken. It is adorable and will hold several charms. I love shopping at this store, Woot and Hammy, they are the sweetest people. Thank you for the great charm bracelet." -B.N., 7/14/22

"I was so excited to get my witches knot! It is a beautiful, quality piece. I haven’t taken it off since and have received so many compliments on it. I knew it was waiting for me the day it arrived. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!" -J.S., 6/19/22

"This piece is a beautiful representation of the masculine divine. It shines brightly and the actual piece is true to the image. It was shipped quickly and arrived in perfect condition. I am very pleased with the piece and am glad I found it." -C.W., 6/18/22

"I’ve had my eye on this forever and it’s worth every penny. The flowers creating the pentacle are intricate and makes a subtle pentacle which I love. The weight is really lovely and it’s a good size. Definitely a piece that you’ll cherish for life." -R.T., 6/7/22 (this review comes from our shop on Etsy)

"I am beyond thrilled with this necklace! Immaculate packaging, breathtaking design and customer service above and beyond my expectations. I can feel the care and gentle energy in this piece. I had my husband place it around my neck and have no plans on taking it off. Thank you a million times for making this special talisman of my spirituality." -M.H., 5/17/22 (this review comes from our shop on Etsy)

"I feel a need to say that the only reason I haven’t been buying from you lately is that I love the last order I received from you so much that I wear it day and night so there is no room for more. Thank you so much again for the beautiful celestial pentacle pendant! Best wishes from Germany." -S.G., 5/5/22

"Thank you so much for sending me that jewelry I ordered. I really like the quality of the things you sell. The detail of the design is usually very nicely made." -B.M., 3/12/22

"High quality pendant crisp detail. I have been extremely satisfied with every purchase from Woot and Hammy. Outstanding quality, fast shipping and the best customer service. I can tell they genuinely care about their customers and they only sell the best quality jewelry. Thanks." -R.S., 3/6/22

"Perfect sized charm for bracelet. I’m a reiki channel and never found a charm related to it 'til now. I was delighted to find it and it looks great on my bracelet. I love Woot & Hammy’s selection of small charms- about 3/8” x 3/8” is perfect for a charm bracelet! They shipped very quickly, offer great customer service and I like the little cards they include about the meaning of the objects you select + one about a great way to easily shine silver jewelry. It definitely works!" -S.H., 2/27/22

"It’s tiny & perfect for my under the radar witchy charm bracelet. Incredible detail for such a small charm! I tried to pick 3/8” x 3/8” charms for my bracelet. Fast shipping and great customer service. Plus they include info on the symbols you’ve chosen and info on how to clean silver easily- a customer at an event I worked told me this method, but very quickly & imprecisely. Their little card of instructions was precise and perfect & it worked…well, like a charm! All shiny now on all my older silver pieces." -S.H. 2/20/22

"I ordered on 1/23/22 & it arrived on 1/26/22-super fast! Ordered this, the Reiki charm & the Tiny Ankh. They ARE tiny! Perfect size to add to my Tiffany heart bracelet. I wanted non obvious witch symbols since I already wear a pentacle necklace. Woot & Hammy have SO many pieces I want. Bought my bf the Viking ship pendant as well. He’s gonna love it. Beautiful pieces. I will definitely be buying more from Woot & Hammy. Thank you!" -S.H., 1/27/22 (this review comes from our shop on Facebook)

"So beautiful! I thought they looked good in the pictures, but I underestimated just how gorgeous they were. They weren't only beautiful, but they are some of the best pieces of jewelry I own. I already ordered and received another piece, and I will definitely be ordering more." -J.G., 1/20/22

"This is a truly special extremely high quality unique pendant. The finest I've ever seen with exquisite detail. Excellent customer service. Very fast shipping. A wonderful experience. Thank you very much." -R.S., 1/1/22

"These earrings are gorgeous, so sparkly and just beautiful. Also the posts are a good size 🙂 which i really appreciate. I've found over recent years that stud posts have got shorter and can squash my lobes and feel uncomfortable... not the case here, a definite yay from me 👏 Also the customer contact by Norma, shipping time, the general service and caring was absolutely first class 💞couldn't be happier, thank you 😊 💗" -C.M., 12/15/21

"My Mum wanted to buy me something 'special' and I got to choose Yay :) couldn't be happier, this is an Amazing piece, great weight, never take it off, and the added heart is so cute, plus it jingles when I walk, which I Love as well :D Norma was amazing, thank you <3" -C.M., 12/13/21

"I was incredibly impressed with first their quick delivery, then the product came, laying in a sweet little bed of green rafia grass wrapped in a sapphire blue velvet pouch. When I opened my pentacle pendant, I was very impressed with detail & quality of the design & fell in love. The weight makes it welcome addition without feeling it there. I will definitely order from Woot & Hammy, again." -E.R., 11/18/21

"This is the most beautiful pentacle I have every seen! it's just exquisite! It's even more beautiful in person if you can believe it. I love the design I have never seen anything like it. It shipped super fast. the packaging was top notch. I love the extra added touches and how beautiful it was wrapped. Not only that but I really love the story of Woot and Hammy. So much love, passion, and craftsmanship went into this piece and I'm honored to wear it. I can't wait to buy something else you have a customer for life!!!" -M.M., 11/13/21 (this review comes from our shop on Etsy)

"This pendant is beyond beautiful! I am so happy!! The seller was amazing to work with, the shipping was incredibly fast .... definitely this shop and artist is in my "favorites list''!" -L.W., 10/31/21 (this review comes from our shop on Etsy)

"I have been searching for the right necklace for some time. Visiting many shops and looking online I was becoming frustrated, and then I came across your website. I was really taken by surprise, by your craftsmanship and description of each pendant. Then I came across, I am the beauty of the green earth moon pentacle pendant. It was perfect , truly enchanting . I am so happy with my choice . It's exactly want I was looking for and wanted. Thank you." -C.H., 10/19/21

"Absolutely wonderful! Beautiful pendant (that I didn't take off since I received it), super fast shipment and amazing customer service - all peaches and cream, can't ask for more! Thank you so much, dear Norma, I'll remain a happy returning customer." -J.K., 10/11/21

"5 stars isn’t sufficient. 100+ is more accurate. The workmanship is superb. The picture is great, the real thing is exquisite. Shipping as fast. Please buy from this shop! You won’t regret the total experience." -S.L., 9/13/21

"100/10. I fell in love with the necklace the moment I saw the listing. Worth every penny! It’s exactly as pictured. So simple but such a statement. I’m in love." - M.N., 8/26/21

"Thank you both, the pendant was better than I thought and maybe you should put your prices up, worth every cent !!! -A.A., 8/15/21

"It’s probably my favorite depiction of the tree of life! So much so that I want to get it as a tattoo! Just the right size as a pendant too. It was packed with such obvious loving care. And you are so fast in responding to my order!" -K.W., 7/30/21

"Hello Norma, just a friendly note to let you know how happy I am with this Besom pendant! It’s beautiful and absolutely perfect for me! I’ve been looking for that ‘perfect’ pentacle and thanks to you I’ve found it! Thank you!!!
Blessed Be )O(" -J.T., 7/23/21

"OH MY GODDESS, I couldn’t be happier with this pendant! The shop owner was very helpful and pleasant. Thank you for an overall amazing transaction! Very high quality craftsmanship. Packaged lovely and fast shipping. Thank you!!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️" -H.G., 7/2/21

"Gorgeous pendant. Sturdy and beautiful bail and chain. I have bought several pendants and this is one that can be handed down to next generation❤️ Gorgeous and caring packaging. Constant communication, goes above and beyond, and super fast shipping." -S.K., 6/23/21

"Excellent communication, absolutely beautifully crafted pendant even more wonderful than in the photos, very professional shipment and great care - thank you so, so much, dear Norma! I can only highly recommend your beautiful jewelry and service and will surely be back for more." -J.K., 6/22/21

"Top Quality! I have reordered from Woot & Hammy twice and I will continue to do so for custom jewelry designs! The charms I needed arrived quickly and in the most beautiful packaging. The pendants and charms themselves are of the highest quality in detail and craftsmanship. I highly recommend Woot & Hammy!" -C.C., 4/28/21

"I have been wearing my pendant since I received it.  I really like the pendant.  It is so delicate and pretty.  I love the representation of the pentacle as flowers.  I often set my altar like this.  And it’s so special, a true work of art by an artist not just some mass manufactured piece." -C.B., 4/28/21

"I absolutely loved everything I ordered from you all. Thank you for making these unique items I am absolutely grateful for your work." -B.N., 4/22/21

"Beautiful piece. I am very satisfied with the craftsmanship of my pendant! I keep coming back for more, I have now ordered 3 different ones because I just love the quality!!" -K.N., 4/13/21

"Hi. I am contacting you to say Thank You!!! My Grandmother received her package today and absolutely loved everything. It had her feeling very emotional and she even said she wanted to frame the note. She also loved the Angel message you included. She said it is very meaningful. Thank you for making this so special. I will be recommending your shop to everyone I know. Thank you again 🙂" -G.M., 3/30/21

"Awesome, thank you so much! You don’t know how much I appreciate your time and care with this order....I will send you picture once I have it together! 🤞🏻All works out nicely! Thank you again!" -E.L., 3/26/21

"I LOVE my new pendant !! Beautiful design and amazing quality for the price ! I’m so pleased that I found this shop online ... I would like to have a pentacle pendant for protection and this one is THE one ! Thank you Woot and Hammy to offert awesome pendants at very reasonable prices :)" -A.B., 2/5/21

"This is a beautifully crafted necklace charm. I was amazed that it arrived within 3 days of my order. I’m very happy with the item and service. I recommend this company." -L.D., 2/4/21

"Fabulous products and eco-friendly packaging. Woot & Hammy is a lovely jewelry store located in the United States, and they use PAPER PACKAGING - not plastic. So happy with my purchase of a beautiful necklace." -K.B., 1/13/21

"Oh Norma & Ken {Woot & Hammy!} these are beautiful! They were beautifully packaged with such care and each in their own little pouch, arrived on time as promised and the quality is superb! I would also like to thank you for the infinity symbol explanation cards and cleaning instructions! We lost our Dear Mother this past April. I will be incorporating the infinity links into pieces of jewelry for the family members who chose the infinity links with pieces from her treasured Polish Amber necklace that she wanted all her children, grands, and great grands to have pieces of! I wanted them to know ...via the Infinity Symbol...that she will continue on and be with all of us for generations to come in her kind and loving spirit! She lived a good long life here on this earth...92 as of February...and left a beautiful legacy with eight loving children, 18 grand & 20 great grand children! I see her with my Dad in heaven...the two dancing bears smiling down and praying for us all! Thank you again and all the best in 2021!" -M.B., 12/27/20

"Beautiful! I am very happy with purchase. Along with the engravable heart I also ordered a fire pendant and chain. They are all very Beautiful and were delivered in a very timely manner. I will order from Woot & Hammy in the future." -D.B., 11/30/20

"The cards are thoughtful and express the level of detail and caring that is so obviously a part of your life and company and are a lovely keepsake. The overall presentation is truly beautiful and rivals (if not exceeds) the level of detail provided by any “high class” retail boutique. Know and believe that you guys are doing a fabulous job!" -C.D., 10/14/20

"All I can say is WOW! This is an absolutely stunning piece which will complement the femininity of the wearer. It is stylish yet pleasingly ingenious in it’s simplicity. The craftsmanship is just beautiful. It is constructed of heavyweight silver and hangs gracefully on a chain or cord. It arrived incredibly fast, elegantly packaged in a green velvet pouch with a thoughtful card discussing the meaning of the Pentacle/Pentagram. I couldn’t ask for a better online shopping experience, 5 stars to Woot & Hammy as a company and 5 stars to the lovely new addition of this Pentacle to my jewelry collection." -C.D., 10/14/20

"WOW! This is beautiful. I have been looking for a pendant for a very long time. For over a year I kept searching for all three icons. Moon, raven and pentagram included in it. I usually found 2 out of 3, no luck untill I found your webste. It was packaged wonderfully and included a cleaning method that I was unaware of. Plus, it arrived ahead of schedule. I definintely will be back for more." -C.E., 10/9/20

"This is officially my favorite pendant ever! I haven't taken it off since I got it. I love the size of it and how thin it is When you look at it from the side. I don't have a single pendant like this! I will definitely be buying more from this company." -T.H., 10/2/20

"Extraordinary. I love this ring, it is absolutely extraordinary! Great quality, I have been wearing it for weeks and it is just as beautiful as when it arrived. Shipping was remarkably fast. I am very pleased with this purchase." - S.S., 9/24/20

"I purchased a Hummingbird pendant from Woot & Hammy and I now wear it everyday. The product appears to be high quality and is Sterling Silver as described. The shipping was very quick and the communication and follow-up has been excellent. You won’t be disappointed if you order here. Website is very easy to use and to order." -M.P., 9/23/20

"Absolutely gorgeous! I was hesitant to buy jewelry online, but this ring has exceeded my expectations. It's great quality. I've been wearing it non-stop since I received it a couple weeks ago and it still looks wonderful. Beautifully packaged with care and shipping was very fast. After receiving this I immediately went back online to make another purchase. And I am very pleased with that one as well." - S.S., 9/9/20

"I've been looking for a special necklace for a very long time. When I saw this one I knew it was the one I was looking for. The detail in it is so beautiful. It's made to last forever, and forever it will stay around my neck. Thank you for such excellent service. A great place to buy from." -K.B., 9/3/20

"Gorgeous! I was so worried that this would look gaudy or oversized in person, but it's exquisite! I haven't taken it off since the day I received it. I ordered the chain with, and it was thinner (more delicate) than I expected, but exactly what I wanted. I'm thrilled with this purchase and would definitely order again." -A.G., 8/26/20

"She loves it all...I recently purchased my wife a beautiful pentagram pendant and chain and I was so impressed by the quality and service i decided I'd order some earrings and a ring for her. I received an email with a 20% coupon code. I could not get it to work so I emailed woot and hammy. Not only did they respond the same day, they made me my own personalized discount code. Now that's service! Amazing craftsmanship, great prices even better service. We will be back for more..."-S.M., 8/8/20

"Beautiful necklace on an elegant chain. I am extremely happy with my necklace and the elegant silver chain sent with it. Both are attractive and appear to be of high quality. It was easy to order and sent to me promptly." -C.T., 7/29/20

"Beautiful, very well made. Thank you so much for the beautiful pendant. It came wrapped and ready to gift. The chain was perfect-simple yet strong and did not take away from the delicate design of the charm." -M.V., 7/27/20

"Absolutely beautiful piece. I love the selection and how you send extra information about the meaning behind each piece. I will definitely be shopping here many times in the near future. Thanks Guys!" -H.A., 7/8/20

"Awesome! I received this today and I am super impressed! It is heavier and more detailed than I could have imagined. I am extremely happy with this purchase and with the customer service. Thank you so much!!!" -M.C., 6/20/20

"Great customer service, great jewelry. My girlfriend absolutely loved the sunflower pendant. It was the perfect size and looks beautiful! There was a personalized, hand written note in our order which made it even more special. There were difficulties with the order, however, they handled it before I even noticed. Great company and even better people!" -K.K., 6/7/20

"I just wanted to thank you for the quickness in which I received my items and the quality as well. It took around a week to arrive here in Australia and I honestly couldn't be happier with the product and service. I've left 5 star feedback reflecting this. Easily one of the best sellers I've ever dealt with. Thank you again." -B.K., 6/1/20

"I love it....Beautifully crafted perfect piece of jewelry it marks a warriors spirit." S.C., 5/24/20

"Violin necklace. The necklace was a gift. The young woman who received it, loves it! The necklace arrived much sooner than expected. It was very reasonably priced. Would definitely order from Woot and Hammy again!" -R.C., 5/17/20

"I just wanted to say how happy I am with your item. The chain you included is great, really goes well with the pendant. Thank you so much again for making everything so special. Look forward to browsing other items of yours in the future. Thank you and take care." -A.C., 5/15/20

"Dear Norma, Oh wow, I just received a gift from your online shop and its so so so beautiful. Thank you so much. My boyfriend Paul bought the gift for me. I'm very happy with the design and energy of the silver necklace and pentagram pendant." -G.V., 5/12/20

"Hello Norma, My wife loved the necklace. She loved the last one I got from you as well. That’s 2 in a row! Small gifts that are heartfelt are the things she loves the best. Your necklaces were perfect gifts that she treasures.  I will go to your website and leave a review. I also appreciated the card with your personal touch on it. I do my best to keep small businesses like yours afloat, and will look to you in the future for small treasures to share with my loved ones. Thanks again for your great products." -J.J., 4/15/20

"This necklace is dainty, feminine, and very beautiful. The chain is adjustable to suit several lengths. The customer service involved in my order was top notch every step of the way. From a question about the necklace ,with an answer in the same evening to placing the order and then to the incredibly fast delivery, it was a perfect transaction! Thank you again!" -D.U., 4/9/20

"I can’t thank you enough for the incredibly fast delivery. The necklace is exactly what I was looking for, and actually more beautiful than I expected. Your customer service skills are beyond expectation and I will be sure to look at your website for my next purchase. I hope you are safe and well during this time, and I thank you again." -D.U., 4/4/20

"I saw a Youtube with this necklace and thankfully I was able to find it. It is beautiful. Excellent quality. Sturdy chain. I love it!!! Thank you for creating and offering this beautiful necklace!" Y.D., 3/26/20

"LOVE this necklace!! I absolutely love this pendant!! It looks exactly as pictured on the site, was delivered faster than I thought it would be, and it's beautiful! I've been wearing it every day since receiving it." -D.D., 3/9/20

"Oh my goodness! Ordering something from Woot and Hammy is like giving a gift to yourself! Everything I have ordered comes so beautifully wrapped, that I want to savor the feeling that I am someone special. The merchandise is second to none, the presentation is outstanding, and the speed with which I receive my orders is faster than one would think possible. Thank you, Woot & Hammy!" -A.G., 2/23/20

"I ordered the Mythical Tree of Life Necklace with Curling Branches and Roots as a going-away gift for a co-worker. The person I am giving it to, is not someone who wears a lot of bling, and a bright silver would be too bold. The more 'muted silver' (almost appearing to be pewter) of this pendant was exactly what I was looking for, and the 18" chain which goes with it, matches flawlessly. Although one might feel that Tree of Life jewelry should only be given to family members, I found several ways to stress the importance of her life family, her work family, and the work she has done with trees in her current position. I will include a detailed write-up on how the Tree of Life meshes with her life and adventures, when I present her with this gift. Again, the quality of the pendant is stellar, and the chain is a unique, and great match for the pendant. Thank you for another beautiful piece!" -D.H., 2/18/20

"I was truly impressed by the way my necklace arrived. Very simply put in very pretty tissue paper to look after it in transit. I will definitely shop with you again." -L.S., 1/10/20

"I ordered this for my future daughter—in-law who plays the sax. I included with my order an engraved heart with the upcoming wedding date. I cannot even begin to describe the beautiful piece of jewelry this is. First- the communication with Norma- the owner- was 5 stars- absolutely immediate response. And Norma and her husband seemed genuinely interested in the significance of what I had ordered. The shipping speed was incredibly fast- I couldn’t believe it when it came so quickly. And I am so impressed with the delicate pendent with the added heart- I can’t wait to give it to my son’s fiancé. It’s the prettiest saxophone necklace online and I looked at a zillion of them. Just perfect! I will always look to their shop for future gifts and I recommend them 100+%! Absolutely 5 Stars in all ways!" -A.C., 12/23/19

"So beautiful. I've ordered 1/2 a dozen of these already for gifts for sister and loved ones, with a small extra heart inscription piece. The quality is beautiful, I wear it all the time, in the shower and swimming, never tarnish. Strong, durable high-quality chain. You will be pleased!!" -L.F., 12/19/19

"I am so thrilled by the saxophone necklace and the engraved heart pendant - I can’t even describe to you how happy I am. First of all, it was wrapped so beautifully that I didn’t even want to open it and ruin the wrapping. But I had to see it and carefully unfolded the pretty paper so that I can try to rewrap it nicely. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this unique delicate beautiful piece of jewelry! It’s the prettiest of all I looked at online. And the engraved heart Is absolutely gorgeous. I love it! You and your husband are very special and I’m so happy I found you." -A.C., 12/15/19

"I purchased a tree of life silver necklace and asked for it to be engraved. They exceeded my expectations and delivered the finished piece very quickly....I would happily order from them again! A+" -S.D., 12/14/19

"I am so happy with my new Flower of Life pendant. It is so beautiful and just the right size for my taste. Woot & Hammy have the best customer service and beautiful jewelry. I have bought a number of pieces from them and love them all." -W.Z., 11/15/19

"Impressed! I am giving you a 5 star review because I was very impressed not only with my pendant, but with the presentation and service. When I saw a hummingbird in my terrace for the first time, the little bird stole my heart. I was in awe. Thank you for making possible for me to remember that moment." -N.D., 11/3/19

"Love the bracelet, yet had to purchase an extender for it. It’s PERFECT! Love the silver jewelry. Norma-Ken are super. Items wrapped well and very pretty! Thank you so much!" -L.B., 10/12/19

"My Mother-in-Law lost her Husband a few years ago and keeps finding like white feathers in strange places. She tells me they are from her late Husband. So when I found the Finding Feathers Ring I thought it was just the gift she needed. I wanted to see the ring before forwarding it to her in England. I was delighted to see the package had arrived sooner than expected. As I opened the padded envelope that had protected it on its journey to me, I found it was again protected in a sealed clear bag, which allowed me to see that it had been gift wrapped in the most delightful floral paper. I unwrapped it to find a lovely box and inside was the most stunningly beautiful Finding a Feather Ring. I was taken aback with the attention to delay and the the caring manner in which this ring was presented and how well protected it was. I am sure I will be doing a lot more business with this wonderful company. With Thanks." -D.D., 8/16/19

"Another beautiful piece of jewelry from Woot and Hammy. I have bought 3 pendants and love all of them. The are beautiful and well made. The customer service is exceptional. Even the packaging. Is a treat. I am certain I will be buying more from them." -W.A.Z, 7/24/19

"I love my Pentacle pendant!! It’s beautiful and just what I have been looking for. The quality is excellent and the energy is awesome. Woot and Hammy got it to me straight away, even when I wasn’t sure because I live in Alaska, they got back with me immediately to let me know when it would arrive. Very pleased, highly recommend and I WILL be purchasing more from them in the future." -J.B., 7/18/19

"What can I say: FABULOUS, BEAUTIFUL, GORGEOUS, SOOO SWEET!!!! Love this Sweet necklace! Perfect for some one WHO IS CRAZY ABOUT THE. MOON, ME!!!🌖🌙 Coming in such a precious package, I felt like Christmas!! Thank you!!!" -B.F., 7/2/19

"I was so happy to see this Flower of Life pendant. I have been looking for one for quite some time. This one is beautiful, just the right size, and really well made. I am so glad I discovered Woot & Hammy, they really care about their work, as can be seen in the way the order is wrapped. I recommend buying from them." -W.A., 6/18/19

"I loved the variety of choices and they came wrapped in such a creative way and each was so delightful and delicate and I could not be more pleased. Thank you." -M.D., 6/14/19

"My daughter LOVED the violin necklace!  The details of the violin are realistic and beautiful!  My item came sooner than I anticipated and the wrapping/packaging was done beautifully as well. This item was for my daughters last high school orchestra concert, and will always be a keepsake for her. So glad I found your website." -K.R., 5/27/19

"Absolutely love my ring!! Fits perfectly!! Love the details!! The customer service is EXCELLENT. And OUTSTANDING!!!!😊💕 I will be telling EVERYONE, THIS IS THE PERFECT PLACE TO SHOP!!" -G.K., 5/15/19

"I love this ring. It is dainty, nicely polished and beautiful. Presentation is everything to me and it arrived early. Beautifully wrapped." -N.C., 5/1/19

"More than expected, thanks! Both the necklace I have purchased and the overall service were up to my expectation and exceeded. I liked the beautiful and ample amount of parcel wrappings came with the necklace, it reflects how much you guys are serious in what you do. Another thing to mention is the time it takes to get your questions answered whether via email or facebook was satisfying. All in all, I enjoyed my experience with woot&hammy, and certainly recommend them." -I.A., 4/4/19

"I cannot say enough good things about my experience with woot&hammy! I found this beautiful pendant because I was looking for a necklace to honor the baby I recently lost to miscarriage. My husband and I feel this baby will always be an important part of our family, and this necklace will allow Angel to be represented in our family photos. The symbolism of the heart with the angel wings is perfect for this! When I ordered, there was a question about how I found the company, and I answered with an explanation of my Google search. I was so pleasantly surprised to receive a very thoughtful and kind email from Norma the very next day. I knew right then I had made the right choice with this necklace, but the experience only got better!

When the necklace arrived, it was so beautifully packaged. It was such a treat to slowly unwrap it an enjoy each layer and all the special care and details. It was wrapped in a lovely, vibrant, floral tissue paper. There was a fun scratcher card for a future discount and a little blue velvet bag to store the necklace in after opening.

The necklace, itself, is very high quality and sturdy. The details are crisp, and the pendant gleams in the light. Even the chain catches the light in such a dazzling way! I am truly delighted with my pendant, and I will definitely be looking to woot&hammy again for any future jewelry needs!" -S.S., 3/5/19

"I am in love with this purchase. I took a chance and ordered online from a company I was not familiar with, and it was such a nice surprise! The quality is excellent, customer service was excellent, and I will definitely consider ordering from them again." -A.V., 2/27/19

"This was a replacement for a lost pendant. It was perfect and exactly the same as the lost one. Woot & Hammy has excellent customer service and I was always informed on where my purchase was in transit. The package arrived in beautiful wrapping and a lovely personal note from the company. I would recommend them whole heartily. Thank you." -S.M., 2/24/19

"Will definitely order from them again. This is the best service I have ever had. Great communication by email and follow up. Loved the special care and wrapping of each item ordered and delivery was right on time. Also, very easy process when needing to return an item. Thanks woot&hammy!" -T.O., 1/24/19

"It is truly my pleasure to look at your products, and choose something special for the people in my life. Your packaging is amazing and uplifting when the parcels arrive! Thank you so much for being there for someone like me!" -S.I., 1/4/19

"This was my first purchase from wootandhammy.  I bought a beautiful and delicate butterfly necklace for my granddaughter. It took only a few days to arrive and the packaging was amazing.  So much care was taken to wrap it and send it out. I found Norma to be helpful and available to answer any questions.  I would definitely recommend woot&hammy to anyone looking to purchase a beautiful piece of silver jewelry." -B.B., 12/31/18

"The earrings I ordered arrived already yesterday! My goodness, you are speedy! Thank you ever so much! They were everything I expected, and then some. I do so love how you package your merchandise, it is just so personal and heartfelt. The write-up on what the jewelry pieces mean adds to the joy in unwrapping one of your delightful gifts.  I must admit... the earrings are for me!  I simply needed a couple pair to wear to work, and what you had was perfect.  The workmanship, quality, visual, and uniqueness are all there.  Thank you!" -D.H., 12/20/18 

"Excellent products and personal service. I can't recommend this company highly enough. The products are of excellent quality and great value for money. The care taken in the presentation and wrapping is perfection and the service is superb." -S.K., 12/20/18

"A Definite Favorite! To my surprise, this piece is actually more beautiful in person than what it looks like in the picture. I am extremely pleased with the craftsmanship and it is beautifully shiny. I have amassed quite a number of pents in my forty years of collecting them and this one ranks in my favorite three. The composition (pent with crescent) makes me happy and in general, I just love it! I haven’t taken it off since I got it a few months ago. Secondly, Woot and Hammy did an incredible job in their presentation. It came in a lovely velvet pouch with several other layers of niceness, including beautiful wrapping paper. It could not have been better, truly! If you are looking for a special gift this season, your recipient will be thrilled with this, and you needn’t worry about wrapping! By the way, I bought a necklace a few years ago from Woot that I didn’t care for and the owner Norma was completely gracious about my returning it and gave a quick refund. It is obvious that a lot of care goes in to making this company special. I, for one, really appreciate it." -Y.C., 12/8/18

"Angel wing earrings. They were wrapped up in tissue paper, they came in the cutest box with a little bow on it, the earrings are perfect. The perfect size, just really beautiful. I love these earrings, and would say if your hesitating at all, buy them, you will not be disappointed . Very, very beautiful. Thank you!!!! Will buy from here again!!!! The craftsmanship is you can tell done with Love!" -M.G., 12/3/18

"I was so happy to find this necklace! and when it arrived it was better than I had anticipated! Very well made and packaged so nicely! Definitely will continue to shop woot &hammy." -J.G., 12/1/18

"Having ordered many items and i am never disappointed. Workmanship and presentation are beautiful. Love the background info and always happy to hear about you, your husband and pets. Thank You." -L.H., 11/28/18

"I just received this necklace and it is even more beautiful than I expected. It is already my favorite necklace. The quality is excellent and the design is very thoughtful and spiritual. Also, I had a problem with delivery (my UPS location was closed unexpectedly the day USPS tried to deliver) and Norma was so kind and helpful to reach out to the USPS to track the package. Now two days later I am wearing it. Woot & Hammy has exceptional customer service. One more thing, the necklace was beautifully packaged. It could have been given as a gift. It was a gift to me. I highly recommend Woot & Hammy." -W.Z., 11/10/18

"You’re necklace arrived early this week!  I was absolutely amazed at how fast it came and the care you took to make me feel like a princess opening it. I got the necklace because I took a nasty fall while hiking and I had to go into surgery Monday. I had three broken bones in my face.  When I saw the necklace, a journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step I thought how appropriate for me. I will be back at it again. So back to unwrapping it. It just felt so awesome to see the care you took into making that necklace Extra special. I will definitely be using more of your products as gifts. I know it would make someone else feel just as special opening that beautiful piece of jewelry. Thank you again very much." -L.B., 10/11/18

"I am just so very pleased with my earrings! The are lovely and the quality is remarkable! They were quickly shipping and so beautifully packaged- a wonderful surprise! I highly recommend this seller! I will certainly be making many more purchases!" -R.B., 10/10/18

"Beautiful! I could not be happier with my purchase. It arrived promptly, well packaged with nice touches like a velvet pouch and a card about family trees, and the medallion itself is gorgeous. Prices were very reasonable, too!" -L.B., 10/8/18

"Bought this for my girlfriend and I absolutely loved the way it came delivered. Post was fast, all the way to Aus. Wrapped beautifully and a really sweet card. The necklace was gorgeous too but the overall way it came really topped it for me. very very happy" -G.W., 9/27/18

"Absolutely couldn’t be happier with this purchase! The love of my life is overjoyed with it. She has had quite a few compliments on it also. Such a great piece of jewelry and great quality. I will definitely, be ordering more from this site." -S.S., 9/17/18

"I purchased the “I love you forever“ infinity necklace for my
Girlfriend, for her birthday. It arrived the day after, but that was totally my fault, as I found your site and bought the necklace as a thoughtful and heart felt purchase. I certainly could have paid the money to ship it faster but I felt It would be fine . I cannot tell you how much she enjoys this necklace! The quality is just fantastic, she is over the moon with the wording and how it looks on her. She immediately put it on when she opened it, while holding back the tears as best she could. I thought I would just let you know how happy just one piece of your jewelry has made someone, if not two people. Thank you very much from both of us." -S.S., 9/14/18 

"Got the beautiful Tree Of Life necklace from a life long very considerate friend at a time of feeling very down... It picked up my spirits more than I can say!! Its really special!! THANK YOU!" - M.O., 9/10/18

"Our son and remaining twin passed away this year. This necklace expresses so perfectly our sentiment. It is beautifully crafted, and was so carefully and beautifully wrapped. Norma and Ken's honesty is impeccable as well. I will certainly purchase from this company, hopefully sooner than later." -C.W., 8/21/18

"This feather ring was exactly what I wanted!!! I have been looking for something unique and I found it right here! Thank you so much! I wear it every day and because it’s adjustable, on a different finger depending on my mood
/ outfit. The quality is is there and I am proud to own a piece of Woot & Hammy! I get compliments all the time on my ring and of course I direct them to the website. The prices are fair and the quality and craftsmanship is great! I’m already looking for my next piece! ❤️" -D.T., 8/21/18

"Perfect!! I absolutely loved, loved this necklace. It was for a longtime dear friend and she was so pleased. You were so helpful getting this to me on time. I will definitely visit your website again. Thanks so much for everything!" -P.A., 8/14/18

"The feather wrap ring is beautiful in person and better than I had hoped for. This ring and its meaning hold a special place in my heart that I will treasure. The shipping was very quick and the attention to detail even in the packaging was amazing." -B.H., 8/14/18

"SWEET! Ordered 10 of these for an annual girls retreat. Wish I could have ordered more than 10 but am grateful and happy for the ones I could get. They are beautiful. Ordering was a breeze and delivery was fast. Awesome all around." -D.P., 8/10/18

"I purchased the ruffled feather ring as a gift so I haven’t opened it but I love the beautiful packaging and the ease of ordering and timely delivery!" - P.S., 8/7/18

"Thank You for quick reliable service, was notified of where / when package was coming ( and on time too! ) Very well packed being it had to travel to Australia! The angel wings were presented in lovely gift box too! The angel wings are truly beautiful and will look forward to purchasing from you both again! Awesome service and a truly very happy customer! Thanks!" - T.D., 7/27/18

"I loved the design and the arrival time was quick!  It comes in a little velvet pouch which was really nice and the card and wrapping was a special touch!!!" -K.B., 7/19/18

"So beautiful; better than the picture! I received my hummingbird necklace, and it is gorgeous. More brilliant in person; you can tell it is made from very good quality metal. Perfect chain length, sits well with all my shirts. I've already received compliments. I was looking for a new "everyday" necklace and this one will be around my neck for a long time! Thank you woot & hammy!" -M.P., 7/12/18

"Hello Norma, thank you very much for a beautiful mermaid, I just love it, it is so beautifully done great job! Very Happy customer!" -E.G., 7/5/18

"My 13 year old niece loved her birthday present and immediately put it on...I answered this last night but just wanted to add that my great niece loved the wrapping so much she took that home with her and also took home the discount card you enclosed so she might be ordering more from you." -B.B., 6/30/18

"Just received your beautiful hummingbird necklace, and was so thrilled not only with the contents of my order for myself,  but, more importantly, the terrific presentation of my order.  I felt not only truly special but also truly blessed with a gift I ordered for myself.!" -A.H., 6/25/18

"Thank you Woot & Hammy.....Love my new hummingbird necklace. I was beyond thrilled to find this after losing one several years ago. It looks exactly as pictured and the quality is unbelievable. It arrived quickly and was wrapped in butterfly paper. What a thrill since I love butterflies almost as much as hummingbirds! I am now a customer for life." -A.J., 6/1/18

"Just gorgeous!! The Angel wings are exquisite! Absolutely beautiful! I just love them!! Came beautifully packaged as well! You have a great company with such heart! I will definitely order again from you!!" -G.W., 5/31/18

"I love my necklace!!! I had one and lost it and was so happy to find it again! It is so beautiful and means so much to me. It came beautifully wrapped in butterfly paper and butterflies are my favorite. They added such beautiful touches to It! I received my necklace so fast! What a great company! So glad I ordered from them! Thank you! I hope to have it for many years and will purchase things from them in the future!" -L.A., 5/25/18

"I love this site for its unique items and reasonably priced.The delivery time was fast and I will definitely order again and again!" -J.S., 5/23/18

"I absolutely am enthralled with my new Tree of Life necklace. It is very well made and has an above average high quality of craftsmanship. It's really beautiful." -M.C., 5/20/18

"Gorgeous flame pendant necklace - I ordered this piece for our Goddaughter's confirmation. The flame is delicate and beautiful! The size of the pendant is perfect--not too big to be ostentatious, but bold enough to be noticed. I love it. Thanks for the great customer service! Even the packaging is pretty and special! I will be back for graduation presents!" -D.R., 5/3/18

"Pretty necklace, exactly as pictured. The loop the pendant hangs on is big enough for me to easily change out the chain with any of my chains for a different length if needed. The pendant also looks nice on a black cord chain for a slightly different look. They put extra care in packaging your order, presentation was super cute. Thanks!!" -K., 4/19/18

"Good job, very fast shipping. For those of you that wondering about this company, take my word for it, it is first class." -J.T., 4/13/18

"I loved doing business with Woot & Hammy! Not only is the quality of their jewelry exceptional, they pay close attention to the presentation and delivery of their product. I plan future purchases. I recommend Woot & Hammy for your jewelry purchases." -B.F., 4/12/18

"Dear Norma and Ken, Just wanted to say that my wife loved the Angel Wing bracelet.  I gave it to her for Easter and it was a complete success. Thank you again.  I hope to do more business with you in the near future." -T.M., 4/5/18

"I have looked at hundreds of feather necklaces and when I by accident ran across this one, I had to have it. I am glad that I ordered it because it is far beyond the most delicate and beautiful piece of jewelry I now own. The shipping is fast and package was presented beautifully. I WOULD ORDER AGAIN! Wonderful, wonderful." -L.H., 3/28/18

"Couldn't be happier. I was concerned because she has such small fingers and the other companies I contacted were no help. Norma took the time to email me a pic on a small finger and answer other questions. I was very satisfied with the purchase and she loves the ring." -W.C., 3/27/18

"I was amazed to find my order of the ballet slipper earrings in my mailbox on Saturday, just two days after ordering at first class shipping! You may remember that I called and talked to you about my concern about whether they would arrive in time by the end of THIS week! Thank you for your attention to shipping out so promptly! You have excellent service!! Thanks again." -J.B., 3/20/18

"Love this locket. Also just wanted to say great service, beautifully wrapped item was a joy to receive, and thanks for prompt shopping to New Zealand!" -S., 3/19/18

"I received my order today and was thrilled with the lovely packaging. Once I opened the package I was yet again amazed at the wonderful quality of the piece I ordered. I ordered this piece in memory of my Mother and Grandmother, I will cherish this for many years to come. Thank you for such wonderful purchasing experience. I will definitely order again." -K.F., 2/26/18

"I got this necklace as a gift from my youngest son. It came as a surprise! I couldn't figure out why I got a package. As I opened it, I have to say a lot of care went into the packaging! That's when I knew this was something from my son, Alex. He always finds the most beautiful gifts for me. And they are always from very companies that take great pride in their products and customers. Woot and Hammy are no exception. The necklace I received is absolutely gorgeous! I put it on straight away. I went out to run a quick errand and had 4 people complementing me on it and asking where I got it from. I told them where my son ordered it they actually wrote it down. I'm a very lucky mom to have my son. I will wear this necklace with its poem that explains it's meaning in my heart always! The details when making it are incredible! I know anyone who receives this necklace will feel loved especially when they are wearing it!" -S.A., 2/20/18

"The new Celtic heart was even more beautiful than expected. The quality and weight were exactly what I was looking for. No more searching other sites for my Celtic jewelry; only Woot & Hammy from now on. A great big thank you for offering such quality pieces!" -B.H., 2/16/18

"Yes, she actually used the word “thrilled” when thanking me for this angel wings locket, a Valentine gift. She also used ”romantic” and “beautiful”. Thanks Woot and Hammy...I guess we did a pretty excellent job." -D.M., 2/14/18

"Thank you, Norma and Ken. I live on a beach and spend a lot of time beach combing for sea shells, beach glass, and driftwood. So of course, I fell in love with this pendant, when I saw it, I purchased it straight away. It was on the 2nd of February and it arrived at my house in Australia today on the 7th of February, 6 days, I couldn't believe how fast I received it! Not only was this piece of jewellery absolutely beautiful, and perfect for me, it was packaged so beautifully too! I am completely happy and love my new necklace, and the service as well. I put it on straight away and have already received comments on how beautiful it is. I will definitely be shopping with you guys again, and recommending you to everyone. Thank you so very much. " -B.S, 2/9/18

"The design idea and sentiment are lovely...perfect for my valentine wife of 37 years. The fit and finish of the piece are excellent...well fabricated and the ideal size, weight, etc. I would prefer a heavier more substantial chain but then that’s easily changed. This is not a cheap, low cost item made in China. It’s not Tiffany either. Somewhere in between. Perfect." -D.M., 2/1/18

"Beautiful workmanship. The necklace is beautiful. I am very pleased with it. Ease of ordering and fast delivery. Thank you so much. I will definitely recommend your products and will be checking on your inventory often. It is exactly what I have been looking for." -D.B., 1/29/18

"What a beautiful necklace - love the quality and what amazing service! They (I ordered 2) arrived in beautiful packaging- ready to give one to my daughter - I can’t wait to order again!" -P.P., 1/24/18

"I was elated with the two Tree of Life Necklaces I ordered. The design is finely cut, and beautifully detailed. The chains which came with the pendants, are vibrant, shiny, and are a perfect match for the pendants. It was a delight to receive and open the packages, as they were so charmingly wrapped. For me, it was truly a gift, to receive them in the mail!" -D.H., 1/19/18

"Like receiving a gift from a friend! Packaged so lovingly. Fast shipping. I was so surprised by the care that went in to the presentation. Pretty tissue paper and box. Thanks for the coupon. I will definitely shop again!" -D.S., 1/16/18

"Hello Norma. Thank you ever so much, for extending the 10% coupon to me.  I received the two Tree of Life necklaces and the extender on Friday (I think it was Friday  :)  ).  Oh my goodness, I was elated with your packaging, as well as the product!  The necklaces are simply beautiful, and the chains that go with them are vibrant and shimmery.  The one necklace is for me, and the other is for my best friend, Karen.  We have been best friends since the third grade (we are now 55).  We both treasure our families, as many people do, and we both have unique family histories as well.  I don't know if I should wait for her birthday in May, to send her the necklace, or if I should send it now.  I am so excited about them! I enjoyed reading the "About Us" portion of your website, as it was so delightfully composed, and so personal.   I wish you the best with your business Woot and Hammy - it is a joy to see a small family business like yours, be successful.  I will definitely be revisiting your site! Blessings on your day!" -D.H., 1/15/18

"I had ordered this product and quickly wrote to make a special request. I not only received the product less than a month later, but was in constant communication with Norma. Once we agreed on how to make what I was looking for it was in the mail less than a week later. The piece came in the mail quickly and exactly how we had discussed. 10/10 service and responsiveness. Will definitely look here first for future pieces." -M.G., 1/13/18

"I want to thank you for the beautiful piece of jewelry I received when I opened the box so gently. I was totally amazed at how beautifully you wrapped my package, I want to thank you for that. If more companies took the time to present their wares as you did. Along with having a lovely necklace with it, I can't say enough good things about your company. So please, this is in memory of my son who passed away." -B.P., 1/4/18

"The mermaid necklace is lovely - a unique design and excellent quality. The feather rings are elegant with a delicate look, just like feathers. I would definitely use this team of designers again. The packaging, delivery service, and post-purchase inquiry about customer satisfaction has been first-rate. These purchases were gifts and the recipients were very pleased. Thank you!" -J.L., 12/31/17

"Touching and beautiful. We lost a loved one around Christmas time last year and the ring as well as the card that came with this ring was beautiful and perfect for the occasion. Thank you!" -C.K., 12/28/17

"Couldn’t be happier!! These earrings were perfect! They weren’t too expensive, but we’re absolutely adorable and well made!! I will be back for sure. Shipping was quick, followed with an email with a personal message to make sure I was completely satisfied. Loved every part of this experience, good luck with your business!!" -B.C., 12/27/17

"Perfect. I purchased the tree of life pendant as well as precious little owl earrings for my daughter for Christmas. It was a last minute purchase and I was worried they would not arrive on time, but they were there before I expected and were beautiful as well. Thank you so much for your excellent customer service I will be shopping with you again very soon!" -K.W., 12/26/17

"I’ve never in my life bought from someone who was so meticulous to details. I opened the boxes and with every one.....out loud.... ”Ohhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Look! I love that!!!!! So sweet!” And no one was here but me. Lol. Blessings to you and your family! I’ll be back!  Merry Christmas!" -M.H.,12/23/17

"We never know what things will look like ordering online, but this feather is absolutely beautiful! I gave one to Karolyn “Zuzu” Grimes from Its a Wonderful Life” while she was here last weekend. She put it on immediately and wore it the whole time she was here. It is seen in nearly every picture taken of her. Thank you so much! I plan on ordering more. Merry Christmas!" -M.H., 12/21/17

"I received my order on Sunday. It is just perfect. I lost my father this year and it is the perfect addition to his memorial necklace. I feel like he is with me always. Thank you so much. The quality and service was excellent. Thanks again." -R.P., 12/20/17

"Very pleased. Surprised with the package. From minute I opened it every detail was carefully done. It was a gift for my mother so I hope she will love it also. Thank you!" -L., 12/19/17

"Absolutely perfect! The Tiny Tree of Life necklace surpassed my expectations. I absolutely love it!! I also love the packaging it arrived in- it was so fun to open. I will wear this piece every day. Thank you!" -E.G., 12/17/17

"A+ Review. I think this is the most beautiful piece of jewelry I have owned. The symbolism and craftsmanship is excellent. Fast service excellent prices. I was referred by another to check out this company due to the lower prices. Not only was it less expensive, I even got a discount. Love this company and will shop again." -L.L., 12/13/17

"The necklace was superb. My fiancée loved it.  Shipping to the UK was quick. I did have to pay customs on it but it was well worth it. I will definitely look at your site again before I buy anything else. Just one point. I found that the customer service from wootandhammy was second to noneAlways kept me posted about the shipping and delivery date. 5 star." -E.P., 12/11/17

"My necklace is so gorgeous, I will be ordering more for my wedding party. Extremely good workmanship and beautifully presented. I'm a very happy customer." -A.B., 12/9/17

"Greetings Norma,  I couldn’t be more pleased with all my purchases from woot and hammy! I adore every single thing I got from you! Wish you had a”Wish List”, so I could save every thing I couldn’t purchase at that moment! You two really got it going on! Will place a new order just as soon as I can! 10+ Stars in my book! Be safe and enjoy every moment of the coming holidays! Blessings! " -T.R., 12/3/17

"The ring is beautiful! And is of excellent quality! They have wonderful customer service! I had a problem with the coupon not working and they remedied it within 10 minutes. TEN MINUTES! Yes, that fast! I recommend this company to anyone who wants exceptional Sterling silver jewelry at reasonable prices. They even have sale prices so keep checking their web site. Better still, sign up for their emails. Great company." -P.S., 11/19/17

"The Celtic Tree of Life Medallion is just beautiful and wonderful quality. I feel very blessed to have been fortunate enough to have found woot & hammy online allowing me to order not one but seven products - Tree of Life in different styles and variations. My husband died in June and I wanted something to give daughters and grandchildren a memory help them all remember him!! The medallions, earrings and necklaces are just perfect! I had the opportunity to exchange greetings with the owner, Norma, and she is both sweet and compassionate. Just a wonderful experience despite the reason." -P.L., 11/9/17

"Just received my pendant today, and I have to tell you I couldn't be happier with this purchase. The speedy delivery, the beautiful piece, and the unique packaging were delightful. I will certainly look for items from you first, and will highly recommend you to family and friends. Your attention to detail and care for your products comes through. Bravo!" -M.J., 10/28/17

"Bought this necklace for my daughter who plays saxophone at her University. Saving it for Christmas and I know she will love it. All items I’ve bought from woot & hammy have been quality items. Personal service tremendous too! Thanks Norma and Ken!" -P.K., 10/27/17

"Norma, I have purchased a number of items from you and have been extremely pleased with everything i have received. Your attention to detail in your work and packaging is excellent. Glad to hear from you." -L.H., 10/23/17

"Absolutely delighted with this piece and it came so beautifully wrapped. It is a Christmas present for my sister who would be into things a little different or quirky and she is also very, very special to me and this piece of jewelry just expresses all of that. Thank you Norma I look forward to shopping with you again" -M.K., 10/20/17

"its beautiful - love it, excellent service, received it very fast and we live in Alberta Canada!! Recommend this company for sure!" -T.L., 10/19/17

"Beautiful, solid, well-made necklace. It was a gift for a friend who owns a pig and of course she loved it!" -K.E., 10/16/17

"I love my flying pig! I wish the chain was a little longer. I might order a few more for gifts. The box was wrapped beautiful!" -M.L., 10/13/17

"I love my beautiful pendant. The design in solid sterling silver is amazing and the workmanship, top class. Delivery to the UK was prompt and the packaging was secure. Inside my parcel was a very pretty little box containing my pendant. Thank you Woot and Hammy for your presentation, expertise and care." -M.A., 9/17/17

"Hi there! I received my order today (the small angel wing earrings) and I cannot express how incredibly beautiful they are and how perfect a gift they will make for my dear friend. Even the packaging was darling! I really appreciate a company that takes great attention to detail like you do. Thank you again! Cheers - xoxo" -J.J., 8/21/17

"My order has arrived , I love it and am wearing it now. I was so delighted at the packaging, it was like receiving a gift! Thank you so much." -V.C., 8/18/17

"I bought this as a gift. The recipient loved it. Shipping was super quick. Communication was spot on. The best part was how well it was wrapped. No harm came to the package on transit and the wrapping was so beautiful and nicely done that I gave it to the recipient as I received it (minus the posting envelope)." -K.H., 8/7/17

"This is my third order and it has been a pleasure to deal with you. Everything has arrived on time and the special care you give; i find to be unusual in this day and age. I will be back soon." -L.H., 7/30/17

"Hi Norma! I got the TREE OF LIFE PENDANT and it's more than I could have hoped for, I couldn't be more pleased. The size is perfect for my taste and the oxidizing and brings out detail that makes it an enchanting piece, like something out of a fairy tale. Thank you for sending me such magical creations. I simply can't wait to get the MOON PENTACLE because it's practically the same size. I'm thrilled to have found my go to place for myself and gifts for others." -V.C., 7/24/17

"Good morning Norma, I hope you're doing Well, I noticed that my first order #2080 has already cleared customs in Canada and the second one #2030 left Los Angeles en route to Canada yesterday and I'm impressed by the short amount of time this is taking. I also noticed that your name is everywhere, is this your own business? Because you're running it like a pro, you're amazing and I appreciate the customer service, it's goes above and beyond. You are an impressive woman and I'm very have to have found your business, it was by chance but I just want you to know how much I appreciate all your hard work. You found a customer for life and I thank you for that...Thanks again for all your hard work." -V.C.,7/17/17

"The little key earrings are lovely. They match the key necklace I got from you. I now wear a key in my left lobe and a heart in my right lobe to match both of my necklaces. The quality and cost of your products is excellent. You always stand behind your product. Of the other companies I have checked out you stand out as the best." -B.F, 6/17/17

"Yes i have received my parcel, the necklace is "Beautiful"and i really appreciate how much care was put into the way you wrapped it and sent it to me. Gorgeous! So nice to see so much effort and care taken, thank you again, and i look forward to doing more shopping with you in the future." -A.M., 5/9/17

"Excellent Service! I received my necklace in a very short time after ordering. The necklace was packaged so beautifully, i waited about a week before opening.......i finally broke down and opened the beautifully wrapped box and loved my "OM" necklace, so pretty. I also bought one for my daughter, she loved it too! Thank you so much! You are doing an EXCELLENT job!:relaxed:" -E.M., 4/20/17

"Wonderfully crafted and the most important aspect to me was the personal touch! These retail chains try to replicate this personal touch look to appeal to customers but they fail each time, but this had personal touch In every aspect from the wrapping to the personal signature and the hand written little description cards!" -B.T., 4/7/17

"Received my order and the ballet slippers are perfect!!!  They are exactly what I wanted for my granddaughter's dance recital!!! She eats, sleeps and breathes dance!!!!  Thank you." -I.C., 4/3/17

"I love my new necklace--it's so pretty and just the right size. I wear it every day and I've rec'd many compliments. It was delivered in record time and so beautifully wrapped! I often hesitate to order jewelry online but this is excellent quality at a great price!" -S.B., 3/11/17

"Hi, Woot & Hammy from Jacksonville, NC...my husband purchased the beautiful bird with heart for me!  I ❤️ birds so it was a perfect Valentine's gift! I love it!!! You certainly pay attention to detail in your work and exquisite packaging!!! Even the tissue paper had sweet little birds on it! Thank you so much for a gift I will treasure!  Happy Valentine's Day to you both!" -L.T., 2/14/17

"I just received my order and cannot tell you how very pleased I am. The earrings are beautiful. I love everything about them right down to the beautiful packaging. As you said in your note it is often worrisome to place an order online, but I will not hesitate to order from you again and will be telling all my friends. Thank you so much for the care you place in your beautiful products. Wishing you a blessed New Year and continued success in your business." -S.C., 1/20/17

"Of all my Christmas shopping this year I was MOST IMPRESSED with woot and hammy! It was only a day or two after I placed my order that I received the item. It was beautifully wrapped and the quality of the necklace is incredible. The only thing I can think of that could improve the experience would be to include a small description of the meaning of the item. For example, we got our great grandmother the Tree of Life necklace. I looked up the meaning of the Tree of Life and wrote her a nice card about how she embodies the knowledge and wisdom characteristics of the Tree of Life, how it applies to her. It would be really value added to have a little printout come with the items to explain their significance for her to keep. Just an idea! Excellent service and quality- I'll be back! Thank you!" -M.V., 1/2/17

"I just wanted to tell you I just purchased a charm from you last Friday. It was delivered to me on Monday, beautifully wrapped and designed. It was like a personal gift from a friend. The "flying pig" was just as you described it on line. I have never ever had such wonderful service when shopping online. Thank you so much, and you guys are the best, I will share your site with all my friends." -B.D., 10/26/16

"Today I received my love you forever necklace and couldn't be more pleased. The paper wrapping, the box, bow and little felt bag were lovely and quite unexpected, they made my purchase a little more special. The pendant itself is nicer than the picture shows, needless to say, my experience with your Company has been totally satisfactory. Thank you." -L.G., 10/24/16

"As always, my latest woot & hammy purchase is everything I hoped it would be - and more. Like so many feathers I've happened upon in my life, this one is deceptively fragile with delicate features secured by a stabilizing quill. Maybe I could have gotten a similar feather ring from another vendor (and maybe even for less), but woot & hammy infuse meaningful significance into every one of their offerings from the care and attention given the moment they arrive in their store until they are lovingly packaged and delivered to their new homes. Understanding and respecting that some purchases are made for sentimental reasons and honoring the emotional value prescribed make woot & hammy an extraordinary exception in a world of innominate market exchanges. They're my go-to destination each time I want a special gift." E.F., 9/7/16

"Hi. I don't actually have a question; what I do have is the utmost appreciation for your product and service. I purchased this for a close friend whose mother passed away last week. She will cherish it always. I couldn't have been happier with your presentation; the box and bow, the velvet bag, the beautiful tissue paper. The package arrived ahead of schedule which was incredibly timely under the circumstances. I also appreciated your acceptance of my "make an offer" and the coupon for my next purchase. I certainly will put the coupon to good use. I am just about to leave positive feedback but wanted to be more detailed to you personally than the feedback format will allow. Thank you so very much!!" -C.W., 8/21/16

"I bought this necklace for myself and absolutely love it! I've had so many compliments on it with many people asking where I got it. The necklace arrived quickly and was packaged very nicely, I felt like I was opening a little present. I couldn't be more happy with this purchase." -Dawn, 7/3/16

I have not worn this ring yet so I cannot say if I received any compliments on it but the ring itself is pretty. I was pleasantly surprised by the wonderful packaging and care that was taken in shipping it to me. If I decided to gift it to someone, I would be ready to go! -Jennifer H., 9/21/16

"LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! I ordered this for my daughter's 5th birthday and it was delivered quickly, packaged beautifully; I know my daughter is going to absolutely adore it when she opens it. I am VERY pleased with my purchase and will be a repeat customer because of it! Thank you." -Michele, 6/10/16

"Very much so, I absolutely love my bird necklace and hummingbird necklace - wear them all the time. The packaging was beautiful and very precious. Your company is fantastic, I will definitely order from you again!!" -C.D., 5/30/16

"The necklace was beautiful, as I expected! It is delicate and wonderfully feminine, and appears to be of excellent quality. I bought the necklace for my mother, as a memento of my sister who passed away from leukemia a few years ago. During her yearlong battle with cancer, she fell in love with a piece of artwork called "when pigs fly"; We bought her that painting and I remember how much she cherished it. The winged pig charm gives my mom a little piece of Donna to carry with her everywhere. Thank you for helping me put a smile on her face!" -Debbie, 5/24/16

"I was looking for something unique for my daughter and came upon the Om Lotus necklace I believe on Etsy via Pinterest. I love the story behind the Lotus flower, so when I saw the necklace I knew it was the perfect one for her. She loves it and has received several compliments when she's worn it. Glad I saw it and happy that she loves it!" -T.Trosclair, 5/30/16

" I ordered the silver angel wing necklace online and I received it last week. I have to tell you, I absolutely LOVE it! This is a quality piece of jewelry and the wing itself is not some thin little piece of metal in the shape of a wing. This is a rather heavy piece of sterling silver in the shape of a detailed angel wing on a sterling silver chain. I've received many compliments on my necklace. I belong to an online support group of caregivers who are caring for someone with Alzheimer's/dementia. We call ourselves the OWA's or the One Winged Angels. We have only one wing and the only way we can "fly" is by embracing each other. I lost my Mom in 2011 to this horrible disease so this necklace means a lot to me. Thank you so much for a quality piece of jewelry at an affordable price! " -Victoria V., 7/13/16

"It was delivered in a few days and was a very pretty ring. It came in a very pretty box with ribbon so I will not need to wrap it! I will look to order again from this website! Thanks!" -Beth, 4/16/16

"Thank you very much for catching the mistake! You saved me so much stress over it...again, thank you!:)  I received the items and I know my girlfriend will love them. I greatly appreciate all you have done for me. Oh yeah, I also recommended your site with a bunch of my friends too. Just wanted to get back to you, sorry I don't check my email as much as I should. You guys rock, have a wonderful day!" -Greg, 8/2/16

"The necklace is perfect and the service was excellent. The product was not available originally but I received a prompt email when it was available again. It came in such a beautiful gift box as well." -Chris, 4/16/16

"I just thought I would send a little note to tell you, I just received my order!!! It is PERFECT!!! Exactly what I ordered and is so pretty!!! Great customer service and super fast shipping!!! I ordered on Thursday and received it on Saturday!!! Thank you so much!!!" -Laura R., 5/21/16

"Beautiful necklace. It's the perfect size for me to wear it everyday. It's a great gift for someone into Yoga and/or meditation who would really appreciate what it symbolizes." -Christine C., 6/16/16

"Very much so, I absolutely love my bird necklace and hummingbird necklace - wear them all the time. The packaging was beautiful and very precious. Your company is fantastic, I will definitely order from you again!!" -C.D., 5/28/16

"Most beautifully detailed owl, I love it. The packaging is absolutely breathtaking. When I need a gift or treat for me I certainly will return to your website!" -C.D., 4/18/16

"Gorgeous necklace. Quick delivery and awesome customer service. Would definitely order from them again." -Natasha, 4/2/16

"Angel Wings Heart Locket was everything that was described and more. I have seen others but not with the inscription. My fiancé loved it." -Mark, 2/16/16

"I was given this beautiful necklace for my birthday and it was so precious. The "container" it comes in is adorable and really adds a special touch...I don't want to give away the surprise for someone else, but it is very sweet! I wanted to write a review and they got back to me right away to let me write this. I will most definitely be shopping here in the future!" -Flutterbug, 1/28/16

"These are so precious. They are simple and classic earrings that are really good quality. Being allergic to base metals, the sterling silver that woot & hammy sells has been exceptional quality. Thank you for being so awesome!" -Spiritgoddess, 2/16/16

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