Hi! We are Norma & Ken, the owners of this store.

Our mission is simple - to be a place for witches, Wiccans, Pagans, and other like-minded people to find affordable, high-quality jewelry that will help them express themselves and their beliefs, and by doing so, help to expand awareness and acceptance of their communities.

In 2013, we created a collection of "thoughtful jewelry", a place to find meaningful gifts for family and friends.

Over the years, our collection expanded to include many different themes, including a wide range of signs and symbols.

In time, we got to know our customers and learned that some of them followed a belief system called Wicca, a form of Paganism.

Researching signs and symbols is something we do everyday as part of running our business. And the more we learned about Wiccan symbols and beliefs, the more we became intrigued by them.

We liked the values that Wicca stood for - the open-mindedness of its belief system, how it allows for the worship of many gods and not just one, and how, instead of dictating a set of rigid beliefs, it encourages each person to explore their own spiritual path.

We also liked that the religion was earth-based, with the idea that because divinity is found in nature, it is then our responsibility to take care of the earth.

We have always been interested in exploring alternative beliefs and ways of thinking about the world, and not simply accepting the prevailing views as indisputable or as fact.

In essence, we feel that Wiccans, Pagans, and people following similar spiritual paths, are a positive influence. They are helping to create a world where there is greater tolerance for differing beliefs and ways of living, where people are encouraged to be responsible for their thoughts and actions, and where it is important to live in balance with the earth.

We also feel it's more important than ever to stand against the racism, bigotry, and attacks on women's rights that are sadly still such strong forces in the world. Our society has a long way to go, but the only way forward is to press on with the progress we've already made. Through the collective actions of the people, no matter how small, we are hopeful that the world can become a place of more love and acceptance and less of hate and fear.

Whenever possible, we include small notes (each one thoughtfully designed and researched by Ken) that explain the meaning behind various symbols. The purpose of these notes is not just that they make a nicer gift; we hope that they might help clarify the meaning behind long misunderstood symbols. Positive symbols as the pentagram are frequently feared because of a mistaken association with the devil and many ancient Viking symbols have been adopted by white supremacists to help further their message of hate.

Thank you again for stopping by and we hope you find something in our collection that speaks to you. If we can ever be of any help, feel free to contact us.  
Norma and Ken

p.s. - If you're wondering what our name means, it's just me and my husband's nicknames for each other. He calls me "Wooton" and I call him "Hammy". Don't ask me where they came from - it's been so long I don't really remember. I once had an email address that was wootandhammy@aol.com and one day a lady at a trade show told me she thought it was cute. So when it came time to think of a site name, I remembered what she said and thought, why not?

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