What Does a Hummingbird Symbolize?


Hummingbird visits have meaningHumans have been fascinated by hummingbirds for probably all of human history. What is it about this little bird that captivates us so?

There is indeed something magical about the hummingbird that makes it like no other creature on Earth. And it's not just our imagination - just look at some of the things this incredible bird can do:
  • Fly backwards, hover up and down, and go from flying full speed to an instant stop
  • Has wings that beat up to 80 times per second, creating an almost bee or insect-like humming sound
  • Has the smallest bird eggs in the world
  • The world's smallest bird is the bee hummingbird of Cuba, which measures a mere 5 centimeters from the tip of its beak to the end of its tail.

The tiny hummingbird reminds us of many important things. Have you ever been outside for a walk, perhaps feeling a bit tired and depressed, when suddenly, a hummingbird flits into your view?

hummingbird meaning significance

In the excitement of hearing its buzzing wings and seeing its rapid movements as it darts about looking for the next flower, you have momentarily forgotten what you were brooding about. It's as if the hummingbird was saying, "Hey, things aren't so bad. Lighten up - just look at all the beautiful flowers and sweet nectar we have yet to find!"

Hummingbirds, in their seemingly carefree and happy flight, remind us to live in the moment and enjoy life's simple pleasures. Also, because they often seem to appear out of nowhere, they remind us that joy is unpredictable and can often be just around the corner.

With their long, thin beaks, hummingbirds can reach beyond the tough, untasty parts of a flower to find the sweet nectar within. In this way, they remind us to always be seeking out what's good in life.

Hummingbirds are also a symbol of tenacity and endurance in the pursuit of our dreams because some hummingbirds are known to travel up to 2000 miles to reach their destination.

Furthermore, because of their unique ability to fly backwards, sideways and hover up and down, they remind us to stay adaptable and to accept the reality of change with a happy heart.biblical meaning of hummingbird

Have you ever thought that hummingbirds seem like something out of a fairytale? There is something magical about their colors, shape and the way their move, as if they are reminding us to seek out the magic in life.

Lastly, did you know that hummingbirds alone have the ability to fly moving their wings in the pattern of an infinity symbol (the figure 8)? In this way, they are a symbol of eternity, continuity and infinity.

The meaning of a hummingbird visit

Hummingbirds have a long history of folklore and symbolism in native cultures. The Aztecs saw them as messengers between them and their ancestors or the gods. In Native American culture, hummingbirds are seen as healers and bringers of love, good luck and joy.

tiny hummingbird necklace in sterling silver

In Central America, they are a sign of love and will bring love to the person who spots them.

While there is no direct mention of hummingbirds in the Bible, they are sometimes considered to be a messenger from Heaven, gently nudging us to move on and release the burden of people or things that have passed and can no longer be a part of our lives.

When a loved one has recently passed away, they may be a sign that the loved one has successfully made it to the other side and is doing just fine.

Some people also see them as signs from Angels, reminding us to follow what makes us happy and to enjoy the present moment.

Hummingbirds in Dreams

Seeing a hummingbird in your dreams may be a reminder to you to pay attention to the small or budding ideas in your mind. Like the little hummingbird, little ideas have the potential to become great things, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem.

hummingbird dream meaning

A hummingbird in your dream may also be a reminder for you to embrace your freedom and to trust in your instincts, just as a hummingbird lives and flies along, happy in her pursuit of the next sweet flower.


In the end, hummingbirds are a reminder that our happiness lies within us. Only when we accept that there are bitter parts to life, will we be able to allow our inner peace to grow, which in turn, gives us the freedom to enjoy the sweet side of life.

Just look at the tiny, insignificant hummingbird, who everyday finds delicious nectar deep within the tough, bitter parts of the flower.

And she does this joyfully. Though she must work to find food, she does it cheerfully, while humming with a happy heart.

hummingbird drinking nectar necklace

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Photo credits:

The picture of the hummingbird on a branch is by GuideYourPet (https://guideyourpet.com/where-to-hang-hummingbird-feeder/)

Hummingbird eggs photo by Yerandy1990 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons.


  • Posted on by Betsy Martinez
    Hi my name is Betsy 🙂

    I have seen hummingbirds almost everyday my step dad has an indoor pool in his house and I always go out to see if they are there and when I see them I just feel like God is with me all the time. I’ve been going through rough times in my life I’ve been losing family members for at least 10 years now and everytime I see them I feel the presence of them with me . It’s been hard for me to accept that they are no longer with me and I miss them so much everyday. Eventhough I try to stay strong it hurts me everyday to move forward without them . I know that God always sends then when I’m aving a hard day.

  • Posted on by Heather Shelton
    My boyfriend of 2 months looked at me in a strange way last night,and told me to understand,that I’m his hummingbird. What in the world does that mean? heathersheltonstevens3336@gmail.com
  • Posted on by Lori Willard
    Just minutes ago I was walking through my yard under the willow trees when two tiny feathers came floating down and landed at my feet. I looked up to see the tiny hummingbird on a branch just sitting looking at me. I thanked him for the special gift. I know the feathers mean something when they are given to you from nature. I’m not sure what it is though. Or what I should do with them. As for now I laid them on top of my crystals until I find out what should be done with them. Does anybody have any insight to this? Would love to hear your comments.
  • Posted on by Gael Deborah Paige Everlove Taylor
    My husband & I have a Live Maine Lobster / Wallpaper store in San Diego. We have many plants out side. Bees,butterflies, & hummingbirds visit us everyday. My husband has saved 3 hummingbirds. Halloween eve a humming bird came into our store, we tried to guide him to the door to his freedom. He did not wish to leave, he stayed for 8 days. During that time he had a friend that came the first night and stayed. The friend left the next day, but every other day came in the store to check on his friend and leave. On the 8th day ZIP [as we name him] left. We enjoyed his company so very much. He comes to get nectar daily, every few days he comes in to fly around. He makes our hearts happy. Zip has brought JOY to us.
  • Posted on by Javier
    On October 15, 2019 , I went in for a back MRI and was told I had multiple scoliosis. I came out heart broken and scared out of that doctor visit , I had no idea I had it . You never think it could happen to you .So for at least three weeks I could stop crying, I though my life was over . When day I went out side and sat down in my backyard. I was crying and morning my old self , the happy never worried about anything type person . I was crushed that day seeking for answers and GOD.Out of no where a started to hear a loud noise around the corner of my ear .It was a hummingbird, it came around and flew right in front of my face and looked directly at me for about 10 seconds and then flew away. It was so amazing that it stopped me from crying and I ask if it was God . A moment I will never forget and treasure for the rest of my life ❤️ I believe it was God telling to still keep enjoying life and that everything going to be okay. So the next day I went to go buy a hummingbird feeder and put it up at the same spot i had the encounter at , two little hummingbirds have been coming by my backyard ever since. I believe there God Angels 🙏🏼

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