Eye of Horus Pendant with Chakra Crystals
Material: 100% Sterling silver & cubic zirconia crystals Weight: 4.9 grams Width of medallion: 1-1/8 inches (29 mm) Item number: wh512 This bright pendant features the Eye of Horus, an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, royal power and good health. The colorful crystals...
Striking Egyptian Owl Hieroglyph Pendant
Material: 100% Sterling silver Weight: 6.1 grams Almost 1-1/2 inch tall excluding hanger (36mm) Inventory number: wh064 This striking necklace is based on an ancient Egyptian hieroglyph (it's #G17). Owls were honored in ancient Egypt because they were believed to...
$46.99 $26.44
Ankh Symbol Pendant With Eye of Horus, Isis & Hieroglyphs
Material: 100% Sterling silver More than 1 inch wide x more than 1-3/4 inch tall excluding bail (17 x 43mm) Item number: wh107 With its rich detailing and fairly large size this is a dramatic and impressive pendant. Most noticeably,...
Ancient Egyptian Queen Nefertiti Oxidized Pendant
Material: 100% Sterling silver Weight: 6.7 grams Size: 1 inch in diameter (25 mm) Item number: wh110 This handsome round pendant is a tribute to Queen Nefertiti who with her husband ruled during the 18th Dynasty of Ancient Egypt, about...
Anubis Egyptian God of the Dead Pendant
Material: 100% Sterling silver Weight: 2.7 grams Size: More than 3/8 inch wide x 1/2 inch tall excluding bail (10 x 14mm) Item number: wh055 Like most ancient Egyptian art, Anubis is depicted here with head in profile, but eye...
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