Black Hanging Metal Bowl Incense Burner On Long Chain
Overall height is about 14-1/4 inches (36cm) Bowl is 3-1/2 inches in diameter and about 1-5/8 inch deep (9 x 4cm) Item number: whmsc39 This simple black metal bowl is suspended from a long matching three-chain hanger and is also...
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Starry Screen Black Charcoal or Incense Burner
About 3-1/4 inches in diameter x 1-3/4 tall (85 x 43mm) Weighs 5 oz. Made in India Item number: whmsc40 This burner has a domed lid of black metal that is decorated with a radiating pattern of punched-out stars. The...
Carved Wood Stick or Cone Incense Burner
Materials: Wood & brass Mandala-inspired carved wood design Has 4 holes for stick incense and a metal cup for cones 3 3/4" diameter x 1/2" thick Inventory number: whmsc06
Waterfall Effect Backflow Cone Incense Burner
Material: Ceramic About 4 inches tall; base is roughly 4 inches in diameter (10cm; 10cm) Weight: 13.5 oz Color: Dark brown Item number: whmsc92 When lit, a special incense cone atop the burner will produce smoke that cascades its way...
Colorful Ouija Planchette Incense Holder Ash Catcher
About 4-1/2 inches wide x 5 inches tall x 3/8 inch thick (11.5 x 13 x 1cm) Item number: whmsc78 This colorful incense holder takes the form of a ouija planchette and is decorated with an all-seeing eye, crescent-shaped man-in-the-moon,...
Aluminum Incense Burner With Wire Handle
Overall height about 8 inches (20.5cm) Burner opening is about 2-3/4 inches wide x 1-3/8 deep (7 x 3.5cm) Item number: whmsc76 This aluminum incense burner has an appealing down-to-earth look with its utilitarian form, wire handle for hanging, and...
Colorful Chakra Mandala Incense Burner / Ash Catcher
Size: About 4-1/2 inches wide (11 cm) and 1 inch tall (2.5 cm) Color: Metallic rainbow colors with black interior walls and soft gold outer wall Item number: whmsc66 Use this vibrantly-colored chakra mandala ash catcher with your favorite incense....
Tree of Life Incense Burner / Ash Catcher
Concave dish-type burner About 5 inches in diameter (13cm) Has 1 hole in center to hold stick incense Item number: whmsc58 This striking dish-type burner features a black Tree of Life 'carved out' of a shiny gold-colored background. It has...
Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Incense Burner / Ash Catcher
Size: About 4-1/4 inches tall x 2-3/4 wide (11 x 7 cm) Color: Silver Item number: whmsc51 This silver-colored metal burner is done in the style of a Day of the Dead skull, with a rose embossed on the forehead...
Hanging Brass Incense Burner With Cut-Out Stars
Overall height is about 9-1/4 inches (23.5cm) Bowl is 2-5/8 inches in diameter and about 1-1/4 inch deep (65 x 30mm) Made in India Item number: whmsc53 This nicely shaped brass bowl is suspended from a matching three-chain hanger and...
Brass Cone Incense Burner with Cutout Stars
Material: Brass For use with cones or small stick incense Top lifts off for easy cleaning and refilling 2-1/4 x 1-1/4 inches
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