• Do Angels Have Wings?

    Do Angels Have Wings?

    What do you think of when you think of angels? A halo? A harp? A robe? Maybe, but if you're like most people, you probably think of wings first. But do ALL angels have wings? Maybe the first place to look for an answer is the Bible.  What do angels look like in the Bible? Believe it or not, though the Bible mentions angels many...
  • What is a Pentacle or Pentagram?

    What is a Pentacle or Pentagram?

    The pentagram is an ancient symbol used by many cultures and has been around since the Stone Age (the time before humans started using metal to make tools). It is also one of the most misunderstood symbols. Today, when we see a pentagram, we immediately have images come to mind involving such things as Satanic rituals and sacrifices, evil spells or the invocation of...
  • What Does the Moon Symbolize?

    What Does the Moon Symbolize?

    Some nights, when the moon is large and full, we marvel at its grandeur. Other nights, it seems small and inconspicuous, but one thing we are always aware of is that it is ever-changing, growing from a thin sliver to a round, glowing orb and then slowly fading back again to nothing. In this subtle way, it reminds us that all things on Earth...
  • What is the Symbolism and Meaning Behind Celtic Knots?

    What is the Symbolism and Meaning Behind Celtic Knots?

    Celtic knots - we see them everywhere, as decorations on jewelry, borders on rugs or picture frames, and in knitted clothing and scarves, but have you ever wondered about the meanings behind these intriguing designs? Join me on a little exploration through the fascinating world of Celtic symbols. Celtic knots and their meanings With no beginning and no end, Celtic knots are known as...
  • What Does the Om Symbol Mean?

    What Does the Om Symbol Mean?

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    The Sound of Om There's a sea of information that has already been written and spoken about this simple one-syllable, two-letter word. And that could be the easiest place to start, because it's really not a one-syllable word at all, or even two. Although it's often thought that Om is pronounced to rhyme with “home”, the correct pronunciation of Om is actually made up...
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