OWLS are creatures of the night. Being nocturnal, their natural realm is darkness. It's one of the reasons why owls have so long been revered as symbols of wisdom and magic. Unlike humans, owls can see perfectly in the dark. They see with perfect clarity what we cannot. They're able to navigate the dark half of the day the way we humans do our daylit half.

In ancient Egypt, where nighttime was associated with death, owls were believed to accompany and protect the spirits of the newly dead on their way from this world to the Afterlife. And thousands of years later, Greek myth tells how an owl always sat on the 'blind side' of Athena, the goddess of Wisdom, so that she could see the Whole Truth.

Like Athena's companion, owls can help us find our way along our life's journeys by being spirit animals: They are a connection to the mystical and unknown, a way to see what is awaiting us in the 'darkness' all around us when we don't have the vision to see it for ourselves.

Like an owl using his keen vision to hunt at night, we can learn from the owl how to patiently observe and study, seeing people and situations with a clarity we've never used before. We can develop the insight and intuition to see both hidden dangers and opportunities, and use our new-found knowledge and wisdom to benefit from the good while avoiding the bad.

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