Real Ammonite or Nautilus Shell Fossil Pendant
Material: Natural fossil with 100% sterling silver Weight: 10.1 grams About 1-1/8 inch wide x 1-3/8 inch tall excluding bail (28 x 35 mm) Almost 1/4 inch deep (5mm) Item number: wh235 **We are actually not sure if this is...
Large Domed and Hammered Cut-Out Spiral Pendant
Material: 100% Sterling silver Weight: 4.8 grams 1-1/4 inch diameter (30 mm) Item number: wh016 This pendant is based on a simple spiral symbol but transforms it into an elegant piece of jewelry. It is a lightweight pendant that has...
Dramatic Eagle Pendant With Talons and Unfurled Wings
Material: 100% Sterling silver Weight: 11.1 grams More than 1-1/8 inch at its widest x 1-1/2 inch tall (30 x 40mm) Item number: wh173 This eagle pendant, which is large and striking, does a good job of depicting the power...
$54.99 $41.25
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