Enchanting Crescent Moon Fairy Pendant
Material: 100% Sterling silver Almost 1-1/8 inch diameter (28mm) Item number: wh367 It's easy to think of this whimsical necklace as a small window into a mythical world inhabited by sprites, goblins, gnomes and other magical creatures. It depicts an energetic...
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Fairy Alighting On Pentacle Pendant
Material: 100% Sterling silver Dimensions: About 1 inch tall excluding hanger x 3/4 inch wide (29 x 18 mm) Item number: wh303 This long-haired fairy lightly rests on a cut-out pentacle. Her body is gracefully poised with her head turned...
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Sprightly Tiny Fairy Pendant
Material: 100% sterling silver About 3/4 inch tall excluding hanger x 5/8 inch wide (18 x 16mm) Item number: wh538 This fairy has a natural, slightly wild look with bare feet and hair that's a tousled and a little messy....
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