Lively Sunflower Pendant
Material: 100% Sterling silver Weight: 3.4 grams Overall height: 1-1/8 inches (27 mm) Height of sunflower only: just under 7/8 inch (23 mm) Inventory number: wh327 A bright, golden yellow flower that always turns to face the sun, the sunflower has...
Double Lightning Bolt Adjustable Wrap Ring
Material: 100% Sterling silver Weight: 2.4 grams More than 1/4 inch (8mm) at it's widest (front) and almost 1/8 inch (3mm) at it's narrowest (back) Size: Adjustable from size 6 – 9 Item number: wh33  Two lightning bolts are sometimes better...
Antiqued Sunflower Stud Earrings
$21.99 $12.37
Antiqued Sunflower Stud Earrings
Earring type: Post, Push-Back Material: 100% sterling silver Almost 1/2 inch in diameter (11mm) Item number: wh542 These little earrings have a cheerful look to them with their outer pointy leaves curling and radiating out like a starburst. A darkened...
$21.99 $12.37
Olive Branch Earrings With Crystals
Material: 100% Sterling silver, cubic zirconia crystals Weight: 3.2 grams Overall length: 1-1/8 inch (27mm) Earring type: Post/push-back closure Item number: wh337 The olive branch symbol originated all the way back in ancient Greek mythology with the goddess Athena, and continued...
$25.99 $8.23
Ginkgo Leaf Wrap Ring With Curling Stem, Adjustable
Material: 100% Sterling silver Weight: 3.1 grams Ginkgo leaf: 3/4 inch wide (19mm) Ring: Almost 7/8 inch overall tall (20mm) Size: Adjustable from size 6 – 9 Item number: wh485 Amazingly, the ginkgo biloba tree dates all the way back to the...
Miniature Cannabis Marijuana Pot Leaf Ring
Material: 100% Sterling silver Leaf is almost 3/8 inch wide x more than 1/4 inch tall (8 x 7mm) Band is about 1/16 inch wide (2mm) Item number: wh007 The centerpiece of this cute ring is a miniature of marijuana...
Lotus Flower Filigree Hoop Earrings
$35.99 $20.25
Lotus Flower Filigree Hoop Earrings
Material: 100% Sterling silver Weight: 4.4 grams Earring type: Hoop Height: 1-1/4 inches (32 mm) Item number: wh70 These pretty earrings feature an abstract lotus flower embellished with curlicues and tiny beads. Earrings open with a simple hook on the backside.
$35.99 $20.25
Large Leafy Curling Vine Drop Earrings
Earring type: Hook Material: 100% Sterling silver Weight: 5.9 grams 7/8 inch wide x 1-1/8 inch tall (22 x 29mm)  Item number: wh279 Like all things natural, these earrings seem to have grown organically. A myriad of leaves and curling vines create...
$33.99 $14.62
Flower Locket Pendant with Open Scroll Work
Material: 100% Sterling silver Weight: 8.1 grams Outside: 7/8 inch in diameter x 3/8 inch thick (22 x 9.5mm) Inner compartment: Approx. 5/8 inch diameter x 1/4 inch deep (16 x 6mm) Item number: wh229 This very decorative locket has real old-fashioned...
$35.99 $10.55
Tiny Marijuana Cannabis Pot Leaf Stud Earrings
Material: 100% Sterling silver Weight: 0.6 grams About 1/4 inch wide x 3/8 inch tall (8 x 9mm) Item number: wh113 Each of these tiny post earrings is a miniature seven-pointed marijuana fan leaf. They're detailed with veins that are...
Rugged Mountains & Pine Trees Outline Round Pendant
Materials: 100% Sterling silver Weight: 1.5 grams 3/4 inch diameter (19mm) Item number: wh331 This picturesque pendant depicts a rugged mountain range shown in profile against a clear sky with a lower 'timberline' of pine trees along its base. The...
Cannabis / Marijuana Leaf Round Pendant
Material: 100% Sterling silver Weight: 2.5 grams About 5/8 inch diameter (17mm) Item number: wh339 Somewhat like da Vinci's Vitruvian Man, a seven-leaf marijuana plant fits neatly within the round border of this oxidized pendant. Each leaf has the plant's...
Open-Petal Flower Round Midi Toe Pinky Ring, Adjustable
Material: 100% Sterling silver Weight: 1.4 grams Flower is 3/8 inch in diameter (10mm) Ring size, without adjusting: approx. 3.5 Item number: wh317 This tiny flower's petals' are open – just thin outlines of silver – radiating from a shiny...
Sleek Lightning Bolt Pendant
Material: 100% Sterling silver Weight: 1.2 grams About 1-3/8 inch tall excluding bail (35mm) Item number: wh264 This lightning bolt is super simple with just one zig-zag and a shiny polished finish that catches the light – a straightforward interpretation...
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Small Swirling Cloud Pendant
Materials: 100% Sterling silver Weight: 1.1 grams About 5/8 inch wide x 3/8 inch tall excluding bail (15 x 10mm) Item number: wh042 Even though they often look listless and still when seen from the ground, clouds are actually quite...
Simple Wave Outline Toe Midi Knuckle Ring, Adjustable
Material: 100% sterling silver Weight: 1.2 grams Wave is 1/4 inch tall (6mm) Band is 1/16 inch wide (2mm) Inside diameter is more than 1/2 inch (13mm) Item number: wh332 The centerpiece of this ring is a simple wave, slightly...
Studded Sunflower Pendant With CZ Simulated Diamonds, Oxidized
Material: 100% Sterling silver & CZ simulated diamonds Weight: 2.5 grams About 3/4 inch in diameter (20mm) Item number: wh012 The petals of the sunflower, radiating outward from the center like flames, are cut-out and outlined with tiny round silver...
Double Leaf Oxidized Wrap Ring, Adjustable
Material: 100% sterling silver Weight: 2.9 grams More than 5/8 inch wide x 5/8 inch tall (18 x 15mm) Size: Adjustable from size 6 – 9 Item number: wh437 This ring is a good example of how nature plus simplicity can...
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