Chambered Nautilus Shell Pendant
Material: 100% Sterling silver Weight: 4.2 grams Pendant height: 7/8 inch (22mm) Item number: wh199 The nautilus shell is one of nature's engineering wonders, and one of the most-loved decorative nautical motifs as well. The intricate spiraling chambers of a...
Gleaming Stingray with Whipping Tail Pendant
Material: 100% Sterling silver Weight: 2.2 grams Features: A 3-dimensional, solid silver pendant that is shaped on both sides. Length of stingray: About 7/8 inch (21 mm) Item number: wh548 This shiny, highly-polished pendant highlights the elegant and streamlined shape of...
$28.99 $21.75
Tablet Seahorse Pendant, 100% Handmade & Cast from a Real Seahorse
Material: 99.9% pure silver (also called "Fine Silver") 100% handmade Pendant height, excluding loop: 7/8 inch (22mm) Item number: wh611 This unique, handmade pendant is inspired by the shape of an ancient stone slab and is cast from a real...
$39.99 $29.99
Pisces Symbol Circular Swimming Fishes Pendant
Material: 100% Sterling silver Weight: 8.5 grams About 1 inch wide x 1 inch tall excluding the bail (26 x 27mm) Item number: wh170 Pisces is often symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions. People born under the sign...
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