Celtic Triple Goddess Saint Brigid Pewter Pendant
Material: Lead-free pewter Weight: 11.4 grams Size: 3/4 inch wide x almost 1-1/4 inch tall x almost 1/4 inch deep excluding bail (23 x 39mm) Item number: wh257 This charming pendant is like a miniature tableau of St Brigid the...
Five-Crystal Celtic Pentagram Pendant, Lead-Free Pewter
Materials: Lead-free pewter with silver-plating, Swarovski crystals Size: Almost 1-1/2 inch diameter (38mm) Item number: wh663 Celtic knots raised against a darkened background are uniquely shaped and arranged to create a pentagram that is at the center of this cut-out...
$32.99 $9.56
Mask of King Tut Pendant, Lead-Free Pewter with Gold Plating
Material: Lead-free pewter, gold-plated, with silver accents About 1 inch wide x more than 1-1/8 inch tall excluding bail (27 x 30mm) Item number: wh661 With such a distinctive look, this gold-plated pendant could only be the well-known King Tut's...
$34.99 $10.12
Winged Caduceus Pendant, Lead-Free Pewter with Blue Swarovski Crystal
Material: Lead-free pewter with silver finish, and Swarovski crystal About 1-3/8 inch wide x 1-5/8 inch tall excluding bail (35 x 42mm) Item number: wh660 Two face-to-face serpents entwine themselves decoratively around each other and around a staff that is...
$28.99 $10.12
Odin's Terrible War Mask Pendant, Lead-Free Pewter
Material: Lead-free pewter Overall size: About 3/4 inch wide x 1-3/8 inch tall (20 x 35mm) Item number: wh243 Resembling some sort of supernatural monster, this pendant of Odin's mask has a unique shape with its cut-out mouth and protruding...
$26.99 $7.87
Eye of Horus Amulet Pendant, Lead-Free Pewter w/ Gold & Enamel Accents
Material: Lead-free pewter, with gold plated accents and black enamel About 7/8 inch wide x 7/8 inch tall excluding bail (22 x 22 mm) Item number: wh168 This cut-out Eye of Horus pendant has several decorative embellishments that give it...
$28.99 $8.63
Mjolnir Thor's Hammer Pendant with Fenrir Wolf Head, Lead-Free Pewter
Material: Lead-free pewter Overall size: 7/8 inch wide x 1-5/8 inch tall (22 x 40mm) Item number: wh648 Mjolnir is the mighty hammer of Thor, the Norse god of thunder. According to ancient Norse literature, it was so powerful it could...
$29.99 $16.87
Halloween Witch With Cat Riding Broom Pendant, Lead-Free Pewter
Material: Lead-free pewter, with gold- and silver-plating About 1-1/8 inch wide x 1-1/8 inch tall excluding bail (30 x 30mm) Item number: wh612 This fun, tongue-in-cheek version of a 'real witch' includes all the much-beloved telltale signs: Pointy chin, cone-shaped...
$28.99 $7.87
Pentacle Pendant With Runes and Alchemy Symbols, Lead-Free Pewter
Materials: Lead-free pewter More than 1-1/8 inch diameter (31mm) Item number: wh267 The pentagram, or five-point star is said to have powers that are derived from its various associations with the mystic number 5: Five senses, five fingers, five toes,...
$25.99 $14.62
Miniature Athame Pendant With Pentacle, Silver-Plated
Material: Metal alloy with silver plating More than 1-1/4 inch tall excluding bail (33mm) Item number: wh016 The athame is a powerful ceremonial tool that is used to channel and direct psychic energy. For example, it is used to draw the...
$26.99 $11.53
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