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Crescent Moon Necklace in Sterling Silver & Cubic Zirconia

Crescent Moon Necklace in Sterling Silver & Cubic Zirconia


The moon shines brightly at night, yet makes no light of her own.

The moon is only visible to us because she reflects the light of the sun.

Because of this quality, the moon is a symbol of subtlety. While the sun relates to us with clarity, directness and precision, the moon is a symbol of femininity, receptivity, and soft influences.

This arresting crescent moon pendant sparkles brightly, like a shimmering moon on a dark, silent night.

Many large and small crystals create a glittering effect that catches the eyes.

An ornate filigree design adorns the sides of the pendant. 

Comes with our inspirational quote card, 'Moonlight is the proof that there will always be light in the darkness'.

  • Material: Solid sterling silver and cubic zirconia crystals
  • Plating: Rhodium (for anti-tarnish)
  • Finish: Polished
  • Pendant height, excluding loop: 1 1/4 inches (32mm)
  • Chain: 18 inch, adjustable with spring ring closure

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